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Born To Win

WHERE: Takwa Bay, Lagos

COUNTRY: Nigeria

WHEN: April 2012

This week our spotlight is on the Sunrise Ankara print fabric. This was without a doubt one of the most popular fabrics we have ever had, universally popular among customers from all over the world. We are looking to get more in and will keep an eye out for when it does come back. Here’s what we did with out stash!



Sunrise Supersnap




iPad Sleeve Sunrise Ankara Print






Elegance doesn’t have to be all muted colours and plainess. Our Tropic Swim Minisnap clutch is the perfect accessory if you want to pop with colour and make a statement, albeit a subtle one. This print clutch is a great way to make a statement without being overstated. Mixing colours and a mix of textures will give you the look!



This is pretty cool, our Chunky Alpaca cowl is featured in the Etsy trend list. Yay. Go and check it out.


Just came across this great company on twitter. The Iyoba Idia Profile T-Dress is part of a collection of African inspired T-shirts from Aso.

This design features the image of a bronze cast of the likeness of Iyoba Idia (Queen Mother) from the ancient Kingdom of Benin in what is now modern day Nigeria.   The bronze is one part of a collection of world-renowned bronze artefacts from the region.

Iyoba Idia was of the Edo people. She was a warrior, protector, and a political & spiritual guide who fought for her son, Osegie, to claim the title of Oba of the Kingdom of Benin (c1504 to c1550). Her power and influence were such that she has been referred to as the ‘Hidden Oba’. She represents a timeless example of an African leader.

My mum is from Benin so naturally I LOVE THIS!




Blue and Pink Pipes

WHERE: Berlin

COUNTRY: Germany

WHEN: 2014

If you have come across the pink and blue pipes in Berlin and have been wondering what they are for there is what I found out. The groundwater level in Berlin apparently quite high making it swampy just below ground level and this can be a challenge when a building is under construction.

The pipes are used to carry away water from the building site. It is said if you follow the pipe to one end you will arrive at a construction site and if you follow it to the other end you will end up at a canal or river. I wonder if the blue and pink have different functions. Do share if you know.

So fascinating! They certainly add a character to the city and gets you asking questions about how it functions.


Brown and Mustard Yellow


Always a great color combination for the autumn without resorting to boring dark colours. Your colours don’t have to get dull just because it is Autumn/Fall. Brighten up the grey! At home or on the move add colour to your day.

To have a closer look at the handmade pieces in the collection have a look on Etsy


Heart Home Magazine explores the patterns, colours and textures of  homeware and interiors with an ethnic edge. We are delighted that a few of our pieces are featured in the October 2014 edition. Flip the magazine by clicking above and explore interior and home ideas from designers from all of the world.



The Blue Batik Cushion is shown on Page 13 & Page 14 and our Purple Violet Splash Shawl is shown beautifully on Page 14.




Our Green Ankara Print Blazer as well as the Batik Diamonds Supersnap Clutch are also shown on Page 21.

Many thanks to Maxine Brady: www.maxinebrady.com


Brown Batik Blazer

Look cool this autumn. There are many ways to make the versatile Brown Batik Blazer your own. Casual, formal, sporty. It all depends on your style or what look you are going for. How would you wear yours?


Someone is watching me

 ‘I always feel like, somebody’s watching me’

COUNTRY: Mauritius

WHEN: 2011


Do you ever feel like you are being watched wherever you go. This tends to be the feeling in modern cities. There seems to be surveillance cameras everywhere you go, purportedly for our safety. Hmm.

As Rockwell sang I always feel like somebody’s watching me. Interestingly, everyone automatically thinks the track is by Michael Jackson and I just found out that this is because he he did feature as guest vocals. Nothing like a bit of pop trivia to start the week! Anyway, it is a great flashback from the 80’s. Enjoy!