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I love this tee simply because the bear looks like such a cool dude. Simple! Hipster bear with funky geek glasses, what more could you ask for?

The t-shirt comes from a fellow Etsy seller Crawlspace Studios and is titled Nerdy Grizzle Bear!

Go check it out!

Here is one way to rock the print on print look. Well this look is actually the print on print ON PRINT look if you know what I mean! Its a bold one and not for the faint hearted at all.

The way I look at it is that you can’t go wrong in whatever approach you choose. Simply add layer after layer of print till you are satisfied. This particular version involves a mix of pastel colours and is accessorised with our Golden Cloves Supersnap Clutch. It makes a pretty bold statement so you can keep your other items, like jewellery and shoes, quite simple. Something like a single block colour coat or jacket would easily tie the look together.

What do you think? Would you?



Came across this great look put together on the blog Economy of Style. Love the idea of creating great outfits for the upcoming Spring and Summer which infuse elements of different cultures hence the idea for the Global Flair collection. The collection includes our Adire Peplum Top and we are very honoured. Woohoo! Visit Economy of Style and show some love!



Yes, I have booked my ticket to attend the Fashion African Conference which is in exactly two weeks from today. I have never attended before and I am looking forward to hearing the different speakers and discussions.

Organised by the Africa Fashion Guide the event is happening on the 24th of April which is also Fashion Revolution Day. The aim of the gathering is to discuss the future of the African Fashion industry in particular the full supply chain of African Fashion Design, Textiles, and Manufacturing and to communicate this to a larger, global audience through media.

This event is recommended to all fashion designers, retailers, students and any one in the business of fashion.

Check out the talks going on on the day

PANEL 1) – African Revolution – Fashion Made in Africa

PANEL 2) The New African Fashion Market – Designers, Fashion Shows, Media and Retail

PANEL 3A) Africa is Open for Business  – Africa as a Source for New Business

PANEL 3B) Textile Futures – Africa’s Cotton, Leather and Textile Industry Opportunities

PANEL 4A) Source Africa and Navigating Value Chains, Logistics and Red Tape

PANEL 4B) Africa’s Triple Bottom Line – Sustainability, Ethical Credentials and Responsibility in the African Fashion Industry

There is also a selection of great speakers from far and wide. I am particularly looking forward to hearing Arieta Mujay of African Creative Collective, Chris Springs of the British Museum and Hannay Pool of the Guardian and Africa Utopia. I think it is going to be very enriching. Do come and check join the discussion. More information on how to attend can be found below. If you are coming, do leave a comment to say so and hopefully see you there!


DATE: Friday 24th April, 2015

TIME: 10AM  to 5PM

VENUE: Rich Mix 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, E1 6LA London

TICKETS:  https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/fashion-africa-conference-2015-london-an-african-revolution-tickets-15333903117?ref=estw

PRICE:  £49

CONTACT: events@africafashionguide.com

EVENT WEBSITE: www.fashionafricaconference.com

Sophienstraße WHERE: Berlin COUNTRY: Germany WHEN: March 2015


We are having a countdown spring sale starting from today with up to 50% off your entire order.

Just enter SPRINGSALE15 at checkout.


We are huge fans of batik fabric, in particular Adire which is the type of tie dye fabric popular among the Yoruba people of Southern Nigeria. If you have a look at our products made with Adire, you get a sense of various patterns that are repeated across the fabric. Each of these patterns have very specific meanings.


Although I knew what some of these symbols represented, I have always wanted a catalogue of sorts, where they were all explained. I was extremely excited to learn of the new book Storytelling Through Adire: An Introduction to Adire Making and Pattern Meanings by Allyson Aina Davies which I purchased immediately.

The book details very beautifully with illustrations what each of these patterns and symbols mean, each with a name and story. The stories are often words of advice from the elders, or a means of documenting social, economic and environmental conditions. With symbols such as Adé- Crown, Eegun-eja- fish bone, Ewé ẹ̀gẹ́- Cassava leaf and many more.


Alángbá Bẹ̀rẹ̀kẹ̀tẹ̀ (Fat Lizard) “The big stomach is a symbol of wealth. It is important to feed your family to be big and healthy like the fat lizard” #Proverb – All Lizards lie on their bellies but nobody knows which of them suffers from stomach ache. (#Abeokuta style of Alangba Berekete) #Adire #Batik #Textile #Fashion #AfricanTextile #AfricanFabric #IndigoDye #Yoruba #Lagos #Nigeria #Africa #AfricanProverb #Patterns #Lizard #Indigo #StorytellingThroughAdire #Blue #Art #AfricanArt #AdireEleko #NigerianArt

A photo posted by Adire Patterns (@adirepatterns) on Jan 28, 2015 at 3:40pm PST



#Ade (Crown) design #Adire #Batik #Lagos #Nigeria #Textile #Africa #africanart #africanfabric #Africantextile #Blue #indigo#Painting #Acrylic #AfricanProverb #AdireEleko #Ibadan #Yoruba #Proverb


A photo posted by Adire Patterns (@adirepatterns) on Mar 2, 2015 at 10:38am PST


With the collection of symbols on each piece of cloth, we start to see a story unfolding in this unique cross between art and functionality. If you are interested in African fabric design and in particular Adire patterns, I would definitely recommend this book. It is a great resource. I love the fact that each piece we make out of Adire gives you a small piece of a much larger story. A little portion of Yoruba history and wisdom!


Please check out Adire Patterns website for more information: www.adirepatterns.com

Adire Patterns Twitter handle: @AdirePatterns


The book is available in the following places.

ONLINE on Amazon STRANGER: 3 Hakeem Dickson, Lekki Phase One, Lagos, Nigeria QUINTESSENCE: Park View Estate Entrance, Off Gerrard Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria

This one needs no explanation for the web-designers out there. Pure geek, Love it!

This particular design is called HTeeML and from the Singaporean label Temasek Clothing. Be sure to check them out.

Yes we really do love our loyal customers. After purchasing the Olympic Bee Bag from our Etsy store, a lovely customer of ours came back with a request for three more Aso-oke totes. This time she wanted 3 different colour combinations and I was very much up for the challenge of finding these Aso-oke strips in these rich colours and seeing how they would work together.

The requirement was for the following:

1. Various shades of blue

2. Orange, burgundy and purple

3. Black, cranberry red and olive green ( we had to substitute the olive for forest green)


The three totes were gifts and the feedback has been great from gift-giver and recipients.

…. I wanted to personally thank you for the BEAUTIFUL job you did on the 3 custom totes. Each one is beautiful, I trusted you and you did not disappoint me. The blue tote was for my mom, the burgundy/black one for my sis and the orange/burgundy for my niece in college. They love the totes and my mom is out of control, she’s carried hers as a purse! I want to say many thanks for the wonderful work you do on everything in your shop. Take care until next time.

Thank you Rita for taking a chance, very happy that they were well received!


Yoo Shop WHERE: Barcelona COUNTRY: Spain WHEN: February 2015

Now that is what I call a vending machine! Talk about variety! Looks more like a shop than a vending machine to be honest. Open 24-7!