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  • Alpaca- The luxurious option

    Aren’t Alpacas just so cute. Apart from their cuteness they also produce Alpaca Yarn a lustrous and silky natural fiber and tends to be warmer and not prickly in comparison to wool. It is also soft and luxurious and tends to have a glossy shine compared to regular wool.

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    The Alpaca yarn we use in our extra chunky cowls are of the Peruvian variety. Alpaca is often compared to cashmere with the latter seen as one of the most luxurious fibres especially in the production of fashion pieces. Interestingly Alpaca is now seen as a far better alternative to cashmere.

    Midnight Blue Alpaca Cowl

    Extra Chunky Knit Alpaca Cowl/Snood in Midnight Blue

    The grasslands required to sustain cashmere producing goats are vastly depleted in China as a result of a great interest in the fibre in the 90s which lead to a continuous fall in its price. In addition to that fact, Alpacas literally have a smaller environmental footprint than goats, where their soft, padded feet are gentler on the terrain and they can graze without destroying root systems. With a faster rater of wool growth, they also produce far more wool than goats do in the same amount of time.

    A fact that we quite liked here at Urbanknit is that a human is involved in every step of the process to convert the fibre to usable yarn!


    Alpaca Cowl

    Extra Chunky Knit Alpaca Cowl/Snood in Cream

    As though you need more, here are more reasons to love Alpaca!

    • Alpaca is similar to cashmere in water absorption as both absorb almost no moisture.
    • Alpaca is soft and less itchy against the skin
    • Alpaca fiber is naturally hypoallergenic.
    • Alpaca is naturally windproof.
    • Alpaca features less shrinkage (washable).
    • Alpaca is highly breathable
    • Alpaca offers great warmth for the weight.
    • Alpaca keeps you warm in wet conditions.
    • Alpaca is flame resistant.
    • Alpaca is very low in static electricity.
    • Alpaca does not hold debris and stays cleaner for longer.
    • Alpaca is stain resistant and resists acquired odours.
    • Alpaca is all natural and biodegradable.
    • Alpaca has natural luster.

    Are you tempted to give it a try? Go on, you know you want to!


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  • The Urbanknit Alpaca Cowl

    There are cowls and snoods everywhere you look, with everyone trying to stay warm and snug in this cold cold weather.

    We decided to make a version for those that want something extra soft with added touch of luxury.

    Alpaca Cowl Midnight Blue Alpaca Cowl Alpaca Cowl

    This extra chunky cowl is hand-knitted from a yarn that is a blend of Alpaca and wool. This makes it extra soft and warm.

    It comes in two versions, the Midnight Blue and the Camel Cream.

    Let me know what you think!


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  • Cowl or Snood? What do you call it?

    Snood, cowl, neckwarmer, infinity scarf, tube scarf. This accessory is known by so many names. The most common seem to be cowl or snood.

    The Urbanknit cowl or snood is a continuous tubular scarf that is pulled over the head and sits on the neck and shoulders to keep you warm. It is stretchy so it is worn very easily and can sit above your coat or under it.

    Forest Green Cowl

    It makes a great alternative to a long scarf, which could get in the way or fall off altogether. For example, it is great if you cycle as it is completely hands-free.

    Brown wool snood

     Our signature cowl is unisex and made out of  chunky 100% merino wool in a loose knit style. It is available in many bright and bold colours as well as some dark and neutral colours. So you will always find something that suits your style. We also have some striped versions for the more adventurous dresser. Each and every one is hand knitted so made by human hands!

    Are there any colours in particular you would like to see?

    As we say goodbye to the summer and welcome cooler weather, we have introduced limited edition Alpaca versions for an even more luxurious feel. We also have a collection of Ankara Snoods which incorporate bright Ankara prints. What better way to keep warm whilst looking funky!



    Red Ankara Snood

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