Speak Yoruba App

Speak Yoruba App
August 14, 2012 Urbanknit

Yorùbá is the native language of Yoruba people and is spoken in West Africa by an estimated 20 million speakers. It is spoken in Southern Nigeria, Benin and Togo as well as many Africans in diaspora.

SpeakYoruba is a new and clever mobile application for use on an iPhone, iPod and iPad. SpeakYoruba features animated flashcards, pronunciation guides and games that provide a gentle introduction to Yoruba. Additional puzzles and games in SpeakYoruba for iPad provide a fun and easy way to learn to SpeakYoruba! The app designed and produced by AJA.LA LTD.is available for download in Apple app store.



The app was For more information check out  www.SpeakYorubaApp.com.

I think this is such a brilliant idea. Especially when I see just how adept my four year old nephew is with gadgets like iPads and iPhones. He’ll be having fun learning a language and not even realise it. As I speak Yoruba fairly fluently I am really looking forward to trying out this application as I am sure I too would learn a thing or too. I am also hoping to see SpeakIbo and SpeakHausa soon. How cool would that be!

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  1. Ron 9 years ago

    A fantastic idea! Love it!

  2. Goli 9 years ago

    This is fab! I need this app!

  3. Urbanknit 9 years ago

    It really is very cool.

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