Cool Tees Thursday

  • Cool Tees Thursday- Madina

    Today’s cool tee from Madina (Mark Culmer) features J Dilla, enough said! The hoodie version is also available.

    J Dilla

    This tee is a complete indulgence on my part because J Dilla produced some of my favourite music in the entire world. A tad dramatic yes, but its the truth!

    Like ‘The Light‘ on the Like Water for Chocolate album by Common.

    For unbelievable music:

    For the tees:

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  • Cool Tees Thursday- Vortex Trading Company

     Our cool tee this week is courtesy of Vortex Trading Company discovered on Etsy.

    “The mix tape is a list a quotations, a poetic form in fact: the cento is a poem made up of lines pulled from other poems. The new poet collects and remixes. Similarly an operation of taste, it is also cousin to the curious passion of the obsessive collector. Unable to express himself in ‘pure’ art, the collector finds himself in obsessive acquisition. Collecting is strangely hot and cold, passionate and calculating.” Matias Viegener

    The tee is available in many colours. Have a look at this and many more cool designs.

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  • Cool Tee Thursday: Kayobi Clothing

    The term ‘Fine Boy No Pimples’ is a saying widely used in West Africa to describe good-looking men. A fine boy is the African equivalent of a hunk.

    This design is inspired by painted signboards from barbershops in Ghana, Mali, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, and Togo. Brightly painted in commercial house paints on plywood, these signs are a colourful, humorous, and sometimes outrageous contemporary African folk art.

    Our cool tee for today comes from Kayobi clothing. All I can say is LOVE IT!

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  • Cool Tee Thursday- Sealmaiden


    Our cool tee for the day is from sealmaiden.

    The metallic copper feather detail is so elegant which is not a word you would often associate with a tee shirt!

    The tee comes in other colour variants.

    Check out these and more over in their Etsy store:


  • Cool Tees Thursday- Medium Control

    Our Cool Tee this week is from Etsy yet again. It has such a fantastic collection of amazing t-shirt designers and makers. This tee is by medium control and is called Plywood Chair Side.

    I don’t think it is possible to go wrong with grey and the simplicity just works. Love it!



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  • Cool Tees Thursday- Zen Threads

    We are continuing our weekly tradition of selecting a cool t-shirt every Thursday. Be sure to check out our Cool Tees board on Pinterest.

    The Cool Tee for today is the VINTAGE BICYCLE t-shirt from Zen Threads over on Etsy. With a weakness for almost any imagery or theme that represents bicycles and a bright in-your-face red, whats not to like about this tee. It is available in other colours but this one is my favourite.

    We would love to hear your own suggestions for cool tees so please leave a comment and we’ll be sure to have a look!




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