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  • Just In: Navy Blue, Turquoise and Beige Aso Oke Cushions

    To add to our growing House and Home section, we have a new set of Aso Oke Cushions. These cushions are in an unusual colour palette of Turquoise, Navy Blue and Beige. A close-up look will reveal that the Aso-oke is the perforated style which adds a beautiful touch of the old to the modern take on the traditional fabric.

    Navy Blue and Turquoise Aso-Oke Cushion- A pair

    Pop one on your favourite arm chair or get a pair or two and inject a new bright colour palette into you living space. These work beautifully in pairs as you can play around with the direction of the stripes on each cushion. The line pattern on each side of the pillow differs. One side is symmetrical and the other side isn’t giving you added versatility.


    Navy Blue and Turquoise Aso-Oke Cushion


     Aso Oke is fairly thick and thus a very durable fabric. Can’t really go wrong! I am not supposed to have favourites but I am afraid I have to confess to absolutely LOVING these. The Aso-oke is a gorgeous texture and the colours work so beautifully together.

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