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  • #urbanknitlovesyou Rita

    Yes we really do love our loyal customers. After purchasing the Olympic Bee Bag from our Etsy store, a lovely customer of ours came back with a request for three more Aso-oke totes. This time she wanted 3 different colour combinations and I was very much up for the challenge of finding these Aso-oke strips in these rich colours and seeing how they would work together.

    The requirement was for the following:

    1. Various shades of blue

    2. Orange, burgundy and purple

    3. Black, cranberry red and olive green ( we had to substitute the olive for forest green)



    The three totes were gifts and the feedback has been great from gift-giver and recipients.

    [quote]…. I wanted to personally thank you for the BEAUTIFUL job you did on the 3 custom totes. Each one is beautiful, I trusted you and you did not disappoint me. The blue tote was for my mom, the burgundy/black one for my sis and the orange/burgundy for my niece in college. They love the totes and my mom is out of control, she’s carried hers as a purse! I want to say many thanks for the wonderful work you do on everything in your shop. Take care until next time. [/quote]

    Thank you Rita for taking a chance, very happy that they were well received!