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  • Cool Tees Thursday: Free Clothing Company


    The first cool tee of the year is the Bauhaus tee from Free clothing company. Its abstract, its artistic, its simple and its grey. Whats not to love?

    Available on 


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  • Cool Tees Thursday- Urban Outfitters


    Our cool t-shirt for today is from Urban Outfitters and it features yes, Darth Vader. Imagine turning up at a party only to find that it was DJ Vader on the decks. Ha ha. It would probably be the best fun you ever had on the dancefloor!

    I wonder if Star Wars fans will find this humorous. It would definitely put a smile on my face if someone walked past me wearing this t-shirt.

    Check out the t-shirt here: DJ Vader at Urban Outfitters



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  • Cool Tees Thursday: I Am Other

    Pharrell Williams can do no wrong in my eyes, haha. Check out his latest collaboration with Uniqlo which features a set of very cool tees that encourage you to be the unique person you were designed to be. The Same is Lame is a tagline that resonates with many I am sure. Check out the I Am Other manifesto below. I Am DEFINITELY Other!


    The Same is Lame


    i am OTHER
    By Pharrell Williams

    I serve and represent the OTHERS because I am one myself.

    OTHERS defy expectations and stereotypes. We are curious, ambitious, energetic and have every intention of squeezing the most out of life. Above all, we are individuals.

    OTHERS don’t fit into categories. We are not jocks. Or skaters. Or musicians. Or students. Or technologists. Or audiophiles. We want to be all of the above and then some.

    OTHERS are a diverse group of optimistic, bright minds connected by technology and a desire to make our mark, who together can advance culture and even humanity.

    OTHERS are not defined by demographics or geography. We have shared ideals, dreams and a vision for a new reality.

    OTHERS believe individuality is the new wealth. Experiences are the new assets to acquire. Whoever is the most individual wins.

    i am OTHER celebrates people who push society forward. The thinkers. The innovators. The outcasts. History has proven that it’s the rule breakers who have the power to change the world.

    Be OTHER.

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  • Cool Tees Thursday: Coup


    Our first cool tee for 2014 is too cute! Lettuce Turnip The Beet, get it?

    Yup. Clever.

    It comes in adult as well as children’s sizes but I could not resist featuring this cool dude.

    Check out the various size and colour options in Coup’s Etsy Store.



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  • Cool Tees Thursday- He Can Change

    He Can Change

    He Can Change


    Our first cool tee for the month of May comes from Threadless by Gamma Ray aka Grant Stephen Shepley. It combines two of my favourite things, humour and transformers!



    Check it out here: He Can Change

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  • Cool Tees Thursday- Arquebus Clothing

    Bruised but not broken


    This week’s cool tee is from Arquebus clothing. This line has so many fantastic things especially t-shirts that it was not easy to make a choice so we will definitely be featuring more tees in the future.

    I have chosen the Bruised but not Broken design for this week because it represents what a lot of people do. They keep going in-spite of the challenges and battles. Its a simple but powerful message. I like it very much.

    Have a look at their lovely collection




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  • Cool Tees Thursday- Buy Me Brunch

    Buy me Brunch


    The Cool Tee for today is pretty obvious! Buy Me Brunch or else! I love it. I have been choosing a lot of text based tees recently so will have to change it up next time.

    Its nearly the weekend. Woohoo!

    Oh yeah, the cool tee is from from a San Francisco company called Buy Me Brunch.

    You can check out their facebook.

    Or follow them or twitter.

    and on pinterest.

    One last thing, the thing about their collection of tees is that they are ultrasoft. The look it too.




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  • Cool Tees Thursday- Madina

    Today’s cool tee from Madina (Mark Culmer) features J Dilla, enough said! The hoodie version is also available.

    J Dilla

    This tee is a complete indulgence on my part because J Dilla produced some of my favourite music in the entire world. A tad dramatic yes, but its the truth!

    Like ‘The Light‘ on the Like Water for Chocolate album by Common.

    For unbelievable music:

    For the tees:

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  • Cool Tee Thursday: Kayobi Clothing

    The term ‘Fine Boy No Pimples’ is a saying widely used in West Africa to describe good-looking men. A fine boy is the African equivalent of a hunk.

    This design is inspired by painted signboards from barbershops in Ghana, Mali, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, and Togo. Brightly painted in commercial house paints on plywood, these signs are a colourful, humorous, and sometimes outrageous contemporary African folk art.

    Our cool tee for today comes from Kayobi clothing. All I can say is LOVE IT!

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  • Cool Tee Thursday- Sealmaiden


    Our cool tee for the day is from sealmaiden.

    The metallic copper feather detail is so elegant which is not a word you would often associate with a tee shirt!

    The tee comes in other colour variants.

    Check out these and more over in their Etsy store: