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  • Iro and buba

    The iro and buba (pronounced “ee-roe” and “boo-bah”) are the most essential parts of a Yoruba woman’s traditional outfit. I say the iro and buba are essential because they are the skirt and blouse and are the basis for the outfit. The complete outfit in actual fact consists of 5 separate parts. The iro, buba, gele, pele and iborun which can be made in a variety of fabrics from affordable Ankara print, to Aso-oke as well as lace for more special occasions.

    1. Iro– wrapper/ a large piece of fabric worn as a wrap-round skirt
    2. Buba– the blouse
    3. Gele– the headtie/ head-dress
    4. Pele– a shawl that goes round the waist
    5. Iborun– shawl/scarf- a protection from the sun


    Yoruba women dressed in traditional Aso Egbé (ceremonial and society attire) Ìró, Bùbá, and Gèlè. ca. 1968.  Image from  Nigerian Nostalgia Project

    Ladies, Ladies, Ladies 1961. Dressed in Aso-Oke Iro and Gele Image from The Nigerian Nostalgia Project-


    This traditional outfit has been given a contemporary twist and these days, the younger generation often do away with the pele, iborun and gele and make the iro and buba more fitted, more varied and dare I say more stylish. This is embodied in the revival of the retro 60’s/70’s style of iro and buba known as ‘Oleku’. This word basically means ‘too hot’ or ‘to die for’ and identifies the version of the outfit which is a micro mini wrapper and a blouse with cropped sleeves.


    Oleku outfits by Ituen Basi

    Mix and match Ankara Iro and Buba- Image from Sola Dunn blog

    Block colour Iro and Buba- image from Jokotade blog,  outfit by House of Neakey

    The options are endless and you can make it to suit your own tastes and figure with beaded blouses, cropped wrappers and sleeves, modern-the ubiquitous sarong-style wrapper, using chiffon, silk, satin, linen, in a monochrome look, with block colours, with intricate patterns. Some designers have even come up with all-in-one dresses which when worn, look like the iro and buba combo.

    Silky Geisha Dress


    Adanna Iro and Buba on Etsy

    Adanna Iro and Buba on Etsy

    Dela (Iro and Buba)

    Dela Iro and Buba on Etsy


    Tiffany Amber Silk Lily Twist Dress

    Anything goes! So these are just a few ideas. How do you wear yours? If you are looking for some design inspiration for your next iro and buba outfit  or just want to feast your eyes then check these out:

    1. Silk & Chiffon Iro & Buba-

    2. The Tulip Style-

    3. Funky Buba versions:

    Here is also a short tutorial on how you can create the tulip twist style of the iro and buba courtesy of Tradsloft over on Youtube.



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  • Urban Journeys: Eko ile

    Eko Ile


    Eko Ile

    WHERE: Lagos Island, Lagos State

    COUNTRY: Nigeria

    WHEN: January, 2015

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  • Cool Tees Thursday: Mr Garbe

    I love this week’s tee because of its simplicity. Ikoyi is also where my parents live in Lagos, Nigeria and where I can be found when I am in Lagos. The Ikoyi Tee  is one of a series of various place/city options for the tee which also include Ile-Ife, Bodija, Warri and more. There is something quite cool about the fact that the designs are on the back of the tee.

    The series and other clever and cool designs by Mr Garbe can be found on Giddimint. Check them out here:


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  • Urban Journeys: Born to Win

    Born To Win

    WHERE: Takwa Bay, Lagos

    COUNTRY: Nigeria

    WHEN: April 2012

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  • The Lights, Camera, Africa!!! Film Festival 2014

    Announcing  the fourth edition of  Lights, Camera, Africa!!! Film Festival. It will also be its longest-running edition yet, kicking off on Friday, September 26 and ending-with a bang-on Nigeria’s Independence Day.

    The Lights, Camera, Africa!!! Film Festival 2014, which spills into the October 1st holiday, is an opportunity to relax and recover something about African histories. With films like Oya, the Rise of the Orisha (2014), Africa’s first superhero movie named for the Yoruba warrior goddess and The Supreme Price (2014), a documentary on Nigeria’s pro-democracy movement, the audience is encouraged to reconsider our past with new eyes.

    Curated around the theme LEGACY, Nigeria’s only festival dedicated to independent African film boasts, this year alone, more than 30 movies from over 20 countries. They will all be screened at the Federal Palace Hotel, an establishment steeped in a history as old as independent Nigeria itself.

    This edition also stands out for its emphasis on television and the role it has played documenting our journey. Meanwhile, it stays true to the festival’s tradition by including free film workshops, hosting a colorful market of African crafts and gift items, live music, and a bevy of thrilling performances.

    October 1 (2014), Kunle Afolayan’s latest opus set at a time when the country was still negotiating what independence from British rule would look like, will be signing off the festival week on a very high note.

    Ultimately, reliving pivotal moments in history will help us chart a better course for our future.

    Lights Camera Africa2

    For more information:


    TWITTER: @LCAFilmFest



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  • Urban Journeys: Yaba Yaba Yaba

    Molue Bus

    WHERE: Ikeja, Lagos

    COUNTRY: Nigeria

    WHEN: January 2006


    And just for laughs, I am sure the Nigerians will appreciate the ‘Owo Morney‘ video featuring Crusher by Area! I still find it funny, no matter how any times I have watched it.

    Here is another wonderful discovery I made. If you want audio that captures the experience of travelling around in Lagos on public transport In Conversation With Emeka Ogboh on Lagos, and Listening To The World In a Musical Way found on the Another Africa website. Brilliant.



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  • Urban Journeys: Yaba Post Office Boxes

    Vinatge Yaba Post Office Boxes

    Vintage Yaba Postboxes

    WHERE: Sabo, Yaba, Lagos

    COUNTRY: Nigeria

    WHEN: 2009


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  • Urban Journeys: Pharrell needs this hat

    the hat

     Pharrell’s Alternate Hat

    WHERE: Takwa Bay, Lagos

    COUNTRY: Nigeria

    WHEN: April 2012


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  • Fabulous Finds: Nike Art Gallery

    During last week’s Social Media Week, I finally got round to visiting Nike Art Gallery in Lekki. I loved it. It was full of what I can only refer to as treasure! A fantastic array of African art all under one roof.

    Sculpture, painting, metalwork; it had everything. I can certainly not do it just in words so here are a few pictures. There are four levels to discover new favourites. I don’t think it’s a one day only type of visit. I spent quite some time but will definitely be back to take more of it in.




    Joseph Eze Art

    Artist- Joseph Eze

    On the tour we were introduced to many new artists on the scene as well as some of the old masters. I will look further into their work and write about some of them in later posts. One of my personal favourites was Joseph Eze, whose work I have seen before but I was unable to identify.

    He does these beautiful women with threaded hair. They are beautifully adorned and interestingly each and every symbol/motif on the canvases has a meaning. I will explore further!


    Red Bull Metal Sculpture

    Red Bull Metal Sculpture

    In the meantime, if you are in Lagos make sure you visit!

    Address: 2 Lekki-Epe Expy, Lekki, Nigeria
    Phone:+234 813 154 8613
    Hours: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm




  • Urban Journeys: Vintage Yaba Post Boxes

    Yaba Post Office

    Vintage Yaba Postboxes

    WHERE: Sabo, Yaba, Lagos

    COUNTRY: Nigeria

    WHEN: 2009


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