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  • Just In: Etu Aso-oke Minisnap clutches

    The Etu Minisnap Aso-oke clutch was so popular we decide to bring it back. This Aso-oke fabric is a true vintage and I am told it well over 50 years old at the very least. Probably closer to a century! Personally, I think blue is the new black. It still easily complements other colours without being as predictable as black.

    Etu Mini Snap Clutch

    In addition to that, I have introduced the Etu and Lace which is a variation of this mini blue clutch purse. This newer version is in a slightly lighter shade of blue (an even rarer type of the Etu fabric). It also incorporates a hint of Guipure lace for that added touch of elegance. I think it would make a great purse for a wedding or for a cocktail party.

    A converation started- if you are all dressed up and can’t think of how to make the conversation flow with your fellow party goes, tell them about how your purse is probably over a 100 years old!

    Clutch purse

    What do you think? Is your flavour more stark and simple, or a little more playful with the lace? Lets know your thoughts.

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  • Independent Shop Feature: Blackbird Vintage

    This is the first in our features of independent shops. I am in search of cool, unique, quirky shops and boutiques that stock those hard to find, one-of-a-kind goodies. To get us rolling is the Blackbird Vintage shop in Leeds which is opening its doors on the 12th of July. So if you are in the area do join them for what promises to be a very fun launch party. Go along from noon and join the fun.


    Blackbird Vintage Store


    Blackbird Vintage has an amazing selection of vintage furniture, lighting and interior decor pieces. They also have a selection of other design finds like jewellery, pottery and so on.

    Check them out! There is something about their aesthetic and approach that completely appeals to me. It looks amazing and I can’t wait to pay them a visit. Details at the end of this post.


    Blackbird Vintage Store

    My personal favourite for obvious reasons!



    ADDRESS: 7 Stainburn Parade, Leeds

    TELEPHONE: 07949 115695

    OPENING TIMES: 10AM to 6.30PM








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  • Urban Journeys: Vintage Yaba Post Boxes

    Yaba Post Office

    Vintage Yaba Postboxes

    WHERE: Sabo, Yaba, Lagos

    COUNTRY: Nigeria

    WHEN: 2009


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