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The Super Snap clutch makes a great evening bag or could easily add a nice touch to a more casual look. This one is Super because it is big! Stylish and practical at the same time.

It is made in a tie dye fabric from Nigeria. This is known as ‘Adire’. It is also lined internally with a matching lilac¬†cotton fabric. One of the ‘flowers’ in the pattern has been sequined for a bit of extra glam. The petals are covered in yellow and lilac sequins picking up on the subtle streaks of colour in the fabric.

It has several layers of interfacing and batting to give it stability and to protect its contents. It will fit a phone, money, keys, make-up, camera and a lot more.


Width at top: 10 inches (25cm)

Width at bottom: 11.5 inches (29cm)

Height: 7 inches (18cm)

NOTE: Due to the organic nature of the fabric design, the pattern placement may vary slightly from that shown in the image.


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