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Lights Camera Africa!!

Announcing  the fourth edition of  Lights, Camera, Africa!!! Film Festival. It will also be its longest-running edition yet, kicking off on Friday, September 26 and ending-with a bang-on Nigeria’s Independence Day.

The Lights, Camera, Africa!!! Film Festival 2014, which spills into the October 1st holiday, is an opportunity to relax and recover something about African histories. With films like Oya, the Rise of the Orisha (2014), Africa’s first superhero movie named for the Yoruba warrior goddess and The Supreme Price (2014), a documentary on Nigeria’s pro-democracy movement, the audience is encouraged to reconsider our past with new eyes.

Curated around the theme LEGACY, Nigeria’s only festival dedicated to independent African film boasts, this year alone, more than 30 movies from over 20 countries. They will all be screened at the Federal Palace Hotel, an establishment steeped in a history as old as independent Nigeria itself.

This edition also stands out for its emphasis on television and the role it has played documenting our journey. Meanwhile, it stays true to the festival’s tradition by including free film workshops, hosting a colorful market of African crafts and gift items, live music, and a bevy of thrilling performances.

October 1 (2014), Kunle Afolayan’s latest opus set at a time when the country was still negotiating what independence from British rule would look like, will be signing off the festival week on a very high note.

Ultimately, reliving pivotal moments in history will help us chart a better course for our future.

Lights Camera Africa2

For more information:

WEBSITE: www.lightscameraafrica.com





Don’t need to say much. This week’s tee speaks for itself. I burst out laughing first time I saw it. It was worn by one of the characters in the Channel 4 show ‘Youngers‘. Absolutely love it and it will definitely go into my collection.

The ‘Badman‘ tee is from Ichiban Clothing.




fab finds

The Cameroonian designer Serge Mouangue has collaborated with a kimono designer, Kururi to put together a collection of limited edition traditional kimonos made in traditional African wax print fabrics from Nigeria and Senegal. The collection is the first in the ‘Wafrica‘ series. Serge is a concept car designer for Nissan based in Tokyo and joined forces with Kururi a Tokyo based kimono maker to create 18 pieces.

The idea behind the collaboration was to explore the parallels that exist between the African and Japanese cultures.

“I pursue and observe the complexity of different values and cultural identities in search of threads to weave a fabric which is a blending of these differences.”

The resulting images are absolutely stunning and we can’t wait to see further exploration as intimated by the designer.

Indigo Batik

One of my all time favourite and very much an Urbanknit classic. The indigo batik is handmade, hand-dyed in Osogbo, Nigeria. The colours and motifs pay homage to the old-school type of tie-dye in a deep deep captivating blue.

Here’s what we made with it!


Indigo Blazer


Indigo Red Bee Bag





The fabulous Ivy in a hot pink trouser suit beautifully accessories with an Urbanknit Olive petals Supersnap clutch. Black and pink. Hot combo! 

Thanks Ivy for sending in pictures of your fabulous outfit.

If you have any of yourself accessorising with Urbanknit, please send them in as we would love to hear from you!




Urban Journeys

Urban Journeys: Fresh Prince

Fresh Prince of Bel Air

WHERE: Shoreditch, London

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

WHEN: July 2014


fab finds

Thursday 11 September 2014 – Sunday 14 September 2014

Following 2012′s sensational first edition, Africa Utopia is back for 2014 to once again look at what can be learnt and celebrated from Africa and the African diaspora.

At the Southbank in London, there will be a look at how African art and ideas can change the world for the better: how Africa can lead the way in thinking about culture, community, technology, fashion, sustainability and ethical wealth creation.

Some of the continent’s most iconic musicians and artists appear at the festival but also take part in the debates alongside experts, entrepreneurs and activists. Join in the celebration of arts and culture one of the world’s most dynamic and fast-changing continents.

WHERE: Southbank London

WHEN: Thursday 11 – Sunday 14, September 2014

FIND OUT MORE: www.southbankcentre.co.uk/whatson/festivals-series/africa-utopia


Chocolate Rose Ankara Fabric

This week our fabric of the week is the Chocolate Rose Ankara fabric. Made in Nigeria by a local textile mill (NICHEM), it features a simple floral motif against a green backdrop. 

Here’s what we made with it!


Chocolate Rose Ankara Clutch


Chocolate Rose Bee Bag


Chocolate Rose Ankara Zipper


Wine and Gold Tommy Tote

Whether your are going to the supermarket or the beach, the Tommy tote is a pretty and practical accessory for you. Here is why. It is a spacious bag with a width of  about 50cm (20 inches) and a height of just over 30cm (12 inches). You can fit in your weekly shopping or your beach towel and bottles of sunscreen (whichever you may be lucky enough to be doing).

The beauty of the tote is how easily it folds to a manageable size when not in use. Check it out below. A couple of steps and presto. A tiny little square (6 inches) which means you can tuck it into your handbag on the way to the supermarket or in a drawer when you get home. You’d not need to use plastic bags again!


Urbanknit Tommy Tote

The Tommy totes are made out of Aso-oke which is a thick durable textile. They are also colourful and bright so you can be eco-friendly in a stylish way! Win-win!

Do check out the range available here: http://www.urbanknit.com/?s=tommy+tote&post_type=product



Africa Centre Summer Festival

The Africa Centre Summer Festival which I believe is in its second year was a fantastic experience. There were so many activities on for both adults and children alike. Colourful, musical and fun.

At the Vou Brown stand we met so many wonderful and interesting people. Thank you to everyone that stopped over to browse, chat and buy! It was very much appreciated.

It was also lovely to meet an old Urbanknit customer in the flesh after so many years of being acquainted online!

Here are images of what the multi-brand Vou Brown shop looked like. There were pieces from Afromania, Ello Doll, Afroaccessories, Dzigns, GeoD, Yorubatik and of course Urbanknit!

Vou-Brown2 Vou-Brown3 Vou-Brown5 Urbanknit ClutchesVou-Brown6 Vou-Brown7 Vou-Brown8 Vou-Brown10 Vou-Brown12 Africa Centre Summer Festival Africa Centre Summer Festival Vou-Brown15

Hopefully see you again next year! Have a great weekend.