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  • Our handknitted Giant wool scarf

    Made in chunky 100% merino wool, this giant hand-knitted scarf will become your new favourite winter companion. Whether it is long walks, taking the dog for a walk, a trip to the park, running errands or wherever you may need to go in the cold weather, you will become that bit more snuggly!

    At two metres in length you can wrap it round many times and tie it in different ways to suit your style and/or outfit. In a bold yolk yellow colour, you will also brighten up your winter days with this snuggly scarf.

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  • Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

    Looking to buy your mum a gift for Mother’s day? On a tight budget? Well even if you are not, we have just the thing for your from our Sale section.

    Check out our Pico pouches, a lot of which are on sale for £10.

    They are the perfect size to hold coins and make-up and at the same time, they fit into a bigger bag with ease.

    Did I mention they are also brightly coloured and cheerful!?


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  • Winter ready with the Blue Ankara Snood Scarf

    We’ve got a brand new Ankara Snood Scarf. This one in a classic blue Ankara print. You get the best of two worlds with a print on one side and a soft navy blue fleece on the other for comfort and warmth. Get winter ready with this versatile scarf.

    You can wear it in many ways; on the fleece side, the fabric side, as one loop, as two loops. You choose your own style! There are so many ways to twist and shape it and it looks different every time.




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  • Just In: Teal Bloom Megasnap Ankara Clutch

    The Teal Bloom Ankara clutch is back in stock for the last time. Made from a lovely abstract floral print from Ghana, this bag is a large statement piece. Would go perfectly with that Little Black Dress or a nice white crisp t-shirt and jeans. Spacious, light, stylish!Girlie Tomboy- Teal Bloom Megasnap Pink Floral Clutch Purse



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  • Just In: African Print Snood

    After the popularity of the first African print snood, I decided to try it in a different colour combination and I think it works quite well. This version is bolder and brighter for those who want to add colour to their winter outfits. This one is made in a blue and orange Ankara print fabric and combined with a dark blue fleece.

    African print snood scarf

    African print snood

    African print snood scarf

    So you now have a choice of a more muted version of the African print snood or a brighter more colourful version.

    I am thinking of making a third version in a palette of pale greys with a touch of yellow.

    Which would you rock?

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  • Big Scarves: The big, the bold and the bouncy

    This winter season, we’ve gone BIG! Our new wool mix scarves are big and chunky. Perfect for keeping out those chilly winds. You can choose between a Grey, Blue or Green oversized scarf. They are all made with 100% merino wool which is soft and warm.

    In addition, each scarf has hints of a different colour woven in, for that added sense of volume and texture. Check out the images below. For example, the grey version has hints of cream and pink. The green has a bit of red and blue and so on.


    Big Grey Scarf

    Big Grey Scarf

    Big Grey Scarf

    Big Grey Scarf

    Green Chunky knit scarf

    Big green scarf

    Big green scarf

    Big green scarf

    Big scarf in blue chunky knit

    Big Blue Scarf

    Big Scarf in blue chunky knit

    Big blue scarf


    Drape it, loop it, wrap it; big scarves can actually be very versatile. You can be creative with how you wear yours.  How WOULD you wear yours? What colour would work well with you winter wardrobe? Let us know!

    Check them all out here: Big Scarves

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  • Just in: Ankara Snood Scarf

    We’ve got a brand new accessory for you this season. The new Ankara snood scarf combines a funky African print fabric on one side and a soft fleece on the other. Who says winter has to be filled with boring block colours. This new scarf will inject the much needed colour into the dreary winter months and the soft fleece will keep you nice and warm at the same time.


    Ankara Snood Scarf

    Ankara Snood scarf Urbanknit-Ankara-Snood1 Ankara Snood scarf
    Ankara Snood scarf

    You can wear it in many ways; on the fleece side, the fabric side, as one loop, as two loops. Under your coat or jacket or above it. You choose your own style!

    Available here: www.urbanknit.com/shop/ankara-snood-scarf

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  • New Urbanknit Stockist: Mel en Stel

    We are very pleased to share that Urbanknit has a new stockist.

    Mel en Stel is based in Brooklyn, New York owned and run by Ilse Eriksson. You can find a selection of our snap clutches there.

    So if you are in that neck of the woods, do check it out:

    Mel en Stel
    145 Front Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11201

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  • Bright red chunky knit scarf

    Looking for a bright red chunky knit scarf ? This one is hand knitted in a chunky wool mix yarn and perfect for the cold weather. This can be your new favourite scarf for the winter! The scarf is long allowing you to wrap it round however you like. It is knitted in an intricate pattern that makes it look different each time you wear it. As an alternative, it can be wrapped and tucked-in to create an interesting neck piece.

    Forget those dull and boring colours with this red chunky knit scarf. What better way to brighten up the darker and colder winter months. If you are thinking of the scarf for someone else you can also include a gift box with you order and we can send it straight to the recepient. Simple!

    Get it here: www.urbanknit.com/shop/cardinal-red-scarf

    Red Knit ScarfLong-Red-Chunky9Cardinal Red Scarf

  • No more plastic bags- get a Tommy tote

    From today the 5th of October, 2015, you will have to pay 5p for the use of a plastic bag to put your shopping in within the UK. This new law applies to all shops and stores with more than 250 employees. Apparently, over 7 billion plastic bags a year are handed out in stores across the UK.

    Plastic bags are not biodegradable and alarmingly can take up to a 1000 years to break down. Yes, that does sound bad. This new charge is the government’s bid to reduce its usage and the negative effects it has on the environment and wildlife.

    Wine and Gold Tommy Tote

    So quite simply, we think you should get yourself a handy and fun Tommy tote! Yes you can be eco-friendly and stylish at the same time. This multi-purpose bag is spacious, durable and folds into a neat little rectangle for storage. Even apart from the fact that this will save you money and looks cool, it is also much more comfortable to carry on the shoulder due to its wide straps. Where you would have had 3 or 4 shopping bags, you now only have to carry one.

    It also doubles up as a beach bag, a weekend bag or anything you want it to be really! It is handmade from a thick woven textile from Nigeria known as Aso-oke. Check out our collection here: www.urbanknit.com/tommy+tote and see which colour combination best suits your personality. You too can say no more plastic bags!


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