Upcycled denim cube tote bag

This is our cube tote reimagined. I have always been interested in the idea that something can continue life even when it’s original function is no longer possible.

I am also a fan of denim in all forms. It is a cotton material, yet durable and universal. These ideas have all come together in the upcycled denim cube tote bag.

It is made from still useable parts of jeans that have come to the end of their useful lives as clothing. I have used cuts from jeans that have been well worn, mended and then worn some more! They were beyond any further mending and have found a new purpose as a versatile tote bag.

It is a sturdy tote, for grocery shopping, carrying books, as a weekend bag, anything. In keeping with our use of authentic African textiles, the bag is lined internally with a blue Ankara print from Ghana.

The bag is a one-off and will be one of our many explorations into reusing and repurposing materials in our Originals section.

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