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  • The Cube Tote

    Check out our latest style of totes. The Cube Tote consists of squares that come together to make an interestingly shaped bag.

    The bag is large and roomy perfect for a day out in the park, shopping and everything else. It would also make a great alternative to plastic bags for your grocery shopping. Grocery shopping, never looked so stylish! Just a few of the many possibilities of this versatile tote bag.

    We have a few colour and fabric options. Do check them out!



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  • Happy New Year!

    Here’s to a wonderful 2016. The year where dreams will come true.

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  • Flash Sale!

    We are having a Flash sale! Shop either on our main site: or in our Urbanknit Etsy store.

    Simply use the code OCT15 at checkout and you automatically get a discount of 25% off your entire order.

    The sale ends at midnight on Monday the 19th of October.

    Have a great weekend and Happy Shopping!

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  • Bright red chunky knit scarf

    Looking for a bright red chunky knit scarf ? This one is hand knitted in a chunky wool mix yarn and perfect for the cold weather. This can be your new favourite scarf for the winter! The scarf is long allowing you to wrap it round however you like. It is knitted in an intricate pattern that makes it look different each time you wear it. As an alternative, it can be wrapped and tucked-in to create an interesting neck piece.

    Forget those dull and boring colours with this red chunky knit scarf. What better way to brighten up the darker and colder winter months. If you are thinking of the scarf for someone else you can also include a gift box with you order and we can send it straight to the recepient. Simple!

    Get it here:

    Red Knit ScarfLong-Red-Chunky9Cardinal Red Scarf

  • Summer ready with a Bee Bag

    We have a brand new selection of Bee Bags in stock, just in time for the summer, lovely weather and sunshine days.

    The Bee bag is so called because its great for buzzing around. For shopping, going to the park, books and magazines or to swap your trainers when you get to work (yes, we all do it!). Anything really, you make it what you want it to be. The wide straps make it a comfortable to carry on the shoulder.

    Choose between Ankara print or batik versions. Muted or colourful? What’s your flavour?


    Green Eleko Adire Bee Bag


    Bumble Bee Bag

    Orange Batik Tote

    Orange Batik Tote

    Blue Shell Ankara Tote

    Blue Shell Ankara Tote

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  • #urbanknitlovesyou Rita

    Yes we really do love our loyal customers. After purchasing the Olympic Bee Bag from our Etsy store, a lovely customer of ours came back with a request for three more Aso-oke totes. This time she wanted 3 different colour combinations and I was very much up for the challenge of finding these Aso-oke strips in these rich colours and seeing how they would work together.

    The requirement was for the following:

    1. Various shades of blue

    2. Orange, burgundy and purple

    3. Black, cranberry red and olive green ( we had to substitute the olive for forest green)



    The three totes were gifts and the feedback has been great from gift-giver and recipients.

    [quote]…. I wanted to personally thank you for the BEAUTIFUL job you did on the 3 custom totes. Each one is beautiful, I trusted you and you did not disappoint me. The blue tote was for my mom, the burgundy/black one for my sis and the orange/burgundy for my niece in college. They love the totes and my mom is out of control, she’s carried hers as a purse! I want to say many thanks for the wonderful work you do on everything in your shop. Take care until next time. [/quote]

    Thank you Rita for taking a chance, very happy that they were well received!


  • Merry Christmas

    Wishing you a Christmas filled with love, laughter and warmth. Merry Christmas from Urbanknit!

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  • Gifts and Wrapping- we can handle it!

    With the gift giving season just round the corner we are taking some of the stress out for you at this time. We can gift-wrap any of your orders for free and even send directly to the recipient to save on postage costs for you.


    In addition, we you can opt in for a gift box for that extra special present. This is ideal for larger orders and the gift will arrive in a kraft box which will be decorated in a simple, clean style with individual items wrapped in colourful tissue and placed in the box. You can also add your personalised gift message to the recipient. Our packages are always colourful and fun and sure to brighten someone’s day.

    This is all very easy to do. On the checkout page simply tick the Gift Box option and enter your message below. Presto! order goodies6

    Urbanknit Gift Box2


    Let us know if you have any questions or a particular request with regards to gift-wrapping and delivery.


  • We love Moo!

    We have just received our latest set of Moo cards and postcards and as usual we are in love with them. We feature our products on the cards, so you get taste of what we do even if it isn’t the exact item you’ve ordered. Itching to send them out with the next orders! So if you are in need of postcards, business cards, flyers and the like them most definitely check out Moo Cards. You’ll be glad you did!

    PS. Get 10% off your first order until the 31st of August. Check out out!


    order goodies6

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  • Pink Cushions- The A to Z Initiative

    It has been a while since we spoke about our A to Z initiative. This does not mean we have not been working on it! If you have not heard about it before The A to Z is an Urbanknit initiative which will donate proceeds from sales of bags, totes, cushions, clutches made from upcycled, repurposed, recycled fabrics to assist charities and local schools in Nigeria (which is where the fabric is currently from).  Our own way of making a (creative) contribution. Every product that is part of the initiative will have an orange label to identify it as being that extra special. The full range available can be found with the A to Z Initiative tag.


    Pink Aso Oke Cushions


    We have a set of newly listed Pink Cushions Aso-Oke cushions in our Etsy store which are all part of the initiative. So if you are looking for large, bold, pink cushions then please consider these. Its a win win situation! You can order it with or without the cushion pad.

    1. Pink Zebra Cushion– £15

    2. Pink and Silver Cushion– £15

    3. Pink and Yellow Cushion– £25

    4. Pink and Black Cushion– £15

    As the pink ribbon is an international symbol of breast cancer awareness, sales from these pink cushions will go to the Breast Cancer Association of Nigeria.

    Please read more about the A to Z Initiative here.

    As usual, we’d love to hear what you think.