Independent Shop Feature: The Shop Floor Project

The Shop Floor Project was founded in 2006 by Denise Allan and Samantha Allan with the aim to design, develop and source collections of the highest craftsmanship from makers and traditional manufactures, predominately based within the UK and Europe.

They envisioned the Shop Floor Project as a series of curated spaces filled with objects that fulfill their main criteria; that the object is worthy of keeping and passing down through generations.

The website is particularly interesting as it is designed as though it is an actual shop! From the front page to the individual category pages, it is though you are walking through a myriad of interesting interior spaces full of colour an texture. It is exquisitely unique especially in the modern world of white, minimal virtual and physical spaces.

In 2011 The Shop Floor Project opened a brick and mortar store after operating in virtual space for a number of years. The store is located in Ulverston, an ancient market town in Cumbria and although I am yet to visit I am sure it is just as unique and interesting as the website. This store is literally filled with treasure so do visit! If you have been, we would love to hear about your visit.

The Shop Floor Project

Address: 60 Market Street, Ulverston, Cumbria, LA12 7LT, United Kingdom

Opening Times: Monday – Saturday 10 am – 5 pm

Telephone: 01229 584537





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