Feature on The Textile and Fibre Art List

Check out my piece From Lagos to London for Black History Month on TAFA, where I am a member. Read about the Textile and Fibre Art List below.

TAFA: The Textile and Fiber Art List is a membership organization of fiber artists and textile businesses on the web.  TAFA showcases member portfolios through its website, provides access to larger markets, offers business resources and fosters community.

TAFA was launched on January 31st, 2010 and the List is a business community of entrepreneurs rooted in textile and fiber art products and traditions. A majority of its members have social and environmental agendas at the core of their business. TAFA’s members have a shared goal of building their businesses through virtual and actual marketplaces in an increasingly global world. TAFA unites old and new traditions, their historical and modern importance, giving a shared platform to both contemporary and traditional textile techniques from all cultures.

Please checkout the TAFA website and the fantastic range of artists, creators and designers that cut across so many disciplines.

Website: www.tafalist.com

Member List: www.tafalist.com/the-list-tafas-directory

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  • It’s a wonderful article, Dolapo, and I look forward to more guest posts from you down the road! You have done such a great job with your business and I’ve enjoyed watching you grow over the years. May we all have many more ahead of us!


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