Cool Tees Thursday

  • Cool Tees Thursday: Crawlspace Studios


    I love this tee simply because the bear looks like such a cool dude. Simple! Hipster bear with funky geek glasses, what more could you ask for?

    The t-shirt comes from a fellow Etsy seller Crawlspace Studios and is titled Nerdy Grizzle Bear!

    Go check it out!

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  • Cool Tees Thursdays: Temasek Clothing

    This one needs no explanation for the web-designers out there. Pure geek, Love it!

    This particular design is called HTeeML and from the Singaporean label Temasek Clothing. Be sure to check them out.

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  • Cool Tees Thursday: Mr Garbe

    I love this week’s tee because of its simplicity. Ikoyi is also where my parents live in Lagos, Nigeria and where I can be found when I am in Lagos. The Ikoyi Tee  is one of a series of various place/city options for the tee which also include Ile-Ife, Bodija, Warri and more. There is something quite cool about the fact that the designs are on the back of the tee.

    The series and other clever and cool designs by Mr Garbe can be found on Giddimint. Check them out here:


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  • Cool Tees Thursday: Comme des Garcons


    In collaboration with Comme des Garcons, the work of French artist Nicholas Buffe is featured on this week’s cool tee, The Opera Print T-shirt. It again shows where art meets fashion.

    This particular print shows the sketches of the artist for the Parisian opera. ‘How cool!’ I hear you say. Yes, that’s also what I thought. Hehe.

    Find it here on Oki-ni.

    You can also see more work by Nichola Buffe here:


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  • Cool Tees Thursday: Marni

    Art and fashion have always had a close relationship and often merge into a singular idea, object or item where it becomes impossible to separate one from the other.

    This Marni T-shirt embodies just that. It is printed with the colourful work of French artist Christophe Joubert, offering a bold take on the brand’s graphic aesthetic.

    Check it out on Oki-Ni


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  • Cool Tees Thursday- Way Back


    ‘Nuff said! For the entrepreneurs out there, the creatives, the makers, doers and bright stars, this week’s Cool Tee from Way Back is for you.

    You Can’t Knock the Hustle so keep up the hard work and persevere. It’ll all be worth it.




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  • Cool Tees Thursdays: OkayAfrica


    Following on from our post about Nike Davies-Okundaye, this weeks cool tee is from OkayPlayer and from her workshop by designer Yomi Tiamiyu.

    Using traditional Yoruba dye techniques involving native grown indigo, cassava paste, and a chicken feather (as a brush), these shirts communicate with their symbols. Talking Drum patterns indicate the spirit of communication. Kola Nut patterns remind us of the kola nut blessing – while the beginning is bitter, in the end it is sweet. As the fabrics are hand dyed each t-shirt is inevitably unique!

    The Adire Talking Shirt is available over on OkayAfrica.



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  • Cool Tees Thursday: Maison Martin Margiela



    Always a fan of white, I think it is as easy to wear as black; with the added crispness and freshness in the look. So this week’s cool tee really resonates with me. I am also a huge fan of asymmetry and this is done so stylishly. Loving it!

    This deconstructed classic white T-shirt with the offset centre seam is made in Italy from heavyweight cotton and can be found on Oki-Ni.


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  • Cool Tees Thursday: Aṣọ


    Just came across this great company on twitter. The Iyoba Idia Profile T-Dress is part of a collection of African inspired T-shirts from Aso.

    This design features the image of a bronze cast of the likeness of Iyoba Idia (Queen Mother) from the ancient Kingdom of Benin in what is now modern day Nigeria.   The bronze is one part of a collection of world-renowned bronze artefacts from the region.

    Iyoba Idia was of the Edo people. She was a warrior, protector, and a political & spiritual guide who fought for her son, Osegie, to claim the title of Oba of the Kingdom of Benin (c1504 to c1550). Her power and influence were such that she has been referred to as the ‘Hidden Oba’. She represents a timeless example of an African leader.

    My mum is from Benin so naturally I LOVE THIS!


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  • Cool Tees Thursday: Urban Outfitters


    This would be the funniest Selfie ever. The Chunk Selfie Tee is so far only available in Men’s but I think cool enough to rock it anyway even if you are a girlie! Love the pinky backdrop.

    Available in Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large from Urban Outfitters


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