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  • Studio Glimpse- The Urbanknit Workspace

    There is nothing I love more than looking at the workspaces of creatives on the net. Pinterest is a fantastic source for this. Be it artists, furniture makers, illustrators, designers, anyone who MAKES. There is just something about a creative space. A place filled with colour, tools, ideas, scraps, inspiration and much more. A place to make a mess without it being considered a mess. A place to experiment and test. So many possibilities…

    Here is a little glimpse into my work space. Definitely my happy place. Apart from the obvious fabric, wool and equipment needed for work, it is home to quite a mix of what some would consider random objects. Postcards, books, origami, colouring books (to keep niece and nephews entertained) and more!


    Urbanknit Studio

    Urbanknit Studio

    Urbanknit Studio

    Urbanknit Studio

    Urbanknit Studio Urbanknit Studio


    Do you have pictures of your workspace or desk at work? Please send a link! Would love to see.

    Have a great week!


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  • Urbanknit on Etsy Anniversary

    Its our Etsy anniversary today! We opened our Urbanknit Etsy store on the 20th of June, 2006. That is 8 years and over 400 sales ago.

    I would live to say a huge massive thank you to all out Etsy customers, some of whom have stayed with us over the years and to our fellow Etsy designers, artists, creatives, sellers. They have been wonderful with sharing tips, advice, collaborations and moral support.

    Much love to the handmade creative community that continues to grow and thrive! Looking forward to marking 10 years on Etsy!


    As part of our birthday month, we are also running a huge sale in our Etsy shop. Just enter SUMMER8 at checkout for 40% off your entire order.

    Do you already shop on Etsy store? If not, follow this link and get £5 off your first order! www.//etsy.me/1qHAsDO

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  • Free Zipper Pouch

    For the whole of the month of June, we are offering a free zipper pouch with every order over £50. No matter what your order contains, once your cart total is over £50 you will automatically receive a zipper pouch along with your order.

    These little pouches are so very versatile, even if we say so ourselves. As a make-up bag, a coin purse, a iPod holder, to keep all those girly little bits and pieces and much more. I, for example, carry my external hard-drive around in a bright orange and purple batik one. You can never have too many!!


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  • Want to Buy African Fabric?!

    It is pretty clear I LOVE batik aka Adire aka tie dye fabric.

    Soooooooo, I also realise you love it too and I have opened an ETSY store to provide you with some unique finds from across the African continent.

    We will continually add new pieces as we get them.

    So check out our current stash over on Urbanstax. There is currently Adire and Ankara in-store.

    Let me know what you think!

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  • Just In: Indigo Citrus Batik Blazer

    Brand new for you this new month is our new batik blazer. If you liked the blue Indigo version, you’ll like this one too. The Indigo Citrus blazer comes in the same cut but with a re-edit of the batik fabric. For those that want an added splash of colour to the palette, this one features hints of orange and green.

    Available in the sizes: UK 8, 10, 12 and 14

    Let us know what you think.

    Have a great week ahead and here’s to a great July!

  • Butterflies

    Come fly with me….

    There are a number of theories as to the origin of the word Butterfly.

    Some say it comes from the term ‘butter-coloured fly’.  Others suggest that the Old English word was spelt ‘butterfloege’ and in Old Dutch and German it was ‘botervleig’ and ‘butterfliege’ respectively. These terms all translate as ‘butter fly’. Some say its actually ‘flutter by’ just jumbled up whilst others say that these beautiful creatures stole butter and flew away! 

    In Spain and Latin America they are called Mariposas. In Portugal they are Borbolettas (my personal favourite by the way). In France they are Papillons. In Russia they are Babochka and in Nigeria as a kid we called them Labalaba!

    Their scientific names are even more fascinating. I guess you can guess I am fascinated but butterflies as are a lot of people as is evidence in their popping up pretty much everywhere. Logos, kids colouring books, fashion and so on.

    With spring in the air we hope to see them in a our daily travels.

    Our Urbanknit homage to butterflies come in the form of this African Butterfly print making up a zipper pouch set. Great as a gift as a single zipper pouch or in sets of twos and fours.

    Check them out here: https://www.urbanknit.com/shop/african-butterfly-print-zipper-pouch-set/





  • Urbanknit on Instagram

    InstagramUrbanknit is now on Instagram. Do check out our Instagram and follow us to see what we see from day to day. From Lagos to London and everything in-between.


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  • Just In: Blue Wheels Ankara iPad Case

    Happy May Day! Did you get a day off work?

    Well even if you are at work, check out our new versions of the Ankara iPad case. This one is bright blue and yellow, great for guy or gal!

    Do you own a tablet? How do you store it when you are on the move?

    Well we think this is a good alternative to the regular old case.  A snug hug for your iPad


  • Just In: Etu Aso-oke Cushions

    Even though I made these myself, I have fallen completely in love with them. Made out of a modern take on Etu Aso-oke, with hints of an Alaari (magenta) and Sanya (beige) stripe.

    The dark blue of the cushions makes them versatile and as the line pattern on each side differs, they work beautifully in parts or as a whole set!