June 5, 2013 Urbanknit
African Butterfly Print

Come fly with me….

There are a number of theories as to the origin of the word Butterfly.

Some say it comes from the term ‘butter-coloured fly’.  Others suggest that the Old English word was spelt ‘butterfloege’ and in Old Dutch and German it was ‘botervleig’ and ‘butterfliege’ respectively. These terms all translate as ‘butter fly’. Some say its actually ‘flutter by’ just jumbled up whilst others say that these beautiful creatures stole butter and flew away! 

In Spain and Latin America they are called Mariposas. In Portugal they are Borbolettas (my personal favourite by the way). In France they are Papillons. In Russia they are Babochka and in Nigeria as a kid we called them Labalaba!

Their scientific names are even more fascinating. I guess you can guess I am fascinated but butterflies as are a lot of people as is evidence in their popping up pretty much everywhere. Logos, kids colouring books, fashion and so on.

With spring in the air we hope to see them in a our daily travels.

Our Urbanknit homage to butterflies come in the form of this African Butterfly print making up a zipper pouch set. Great as a gift as a single zipper pouch or in sets of twos and fours.

Check them out here: https://www.urbanknit.com/shop/african-butterfly-print-zipper-pouch-set/





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