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  • Urban Journeys: Alcatraz




    WHERE: Berlin

    COUNTRY: Germany

    WHEN: November, 2014


    Came across this entrance way in Berlin. It is the entrance of a backpackers hostel accommodation named… yes you guessed it. Alcatraz. The humour is appreciated.

    The original Alcatraz Island is located in the San Francisco Bay in California, United States. Often referred to as “The Rock“, it has a lighthouse, a military fortification, was a military prison, and later served as a federal prison from 1933 until 1963.  In 1972, Alcatraz became a national recreation area and is now a popluar tourist destination.

    Amongst its infamous ‘inhabitants’ were the notorious gangster Al “Scarface” Capone (1899-1947) and murderer Robert “Birdman of Alcatraz” Stroud (1890-1963). Though many attempts were made, it is said that no prisoner ever escaped the island.

    Despite the name, the Alcatraz hostel actually looks like a pretty cool and friendly place judging from their website, their Google+ page and reviews from customers. So if you are looking for cheap accommodation in the centre of Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg) check out the Alcatraz Backpacker Hostel Berlin. It is close to the popular “Mauerpark” with its great flea-market on Sundays.


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  • Urban Journeys: Old and New

    Old and New

    WHERE: Boston, Massachusetts


    WHEN: 2009

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  • Urban Journeys: Born to Win

    Born To Win

    WHERE: Takwa Bay, Lagos

    COUNTRY: Nigeria

    WHEN: April 2012

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  • Urban Journeys: Connected



    Blue and Pink Pipes

    WHERE: Berlin

    COUNTRY: Germany

    WHEN: 2014

    If you have come across the pink and blue pipes in Berlin and have been wondering what they are for there is what I found out. The groundwater level in Berlin apparently quite high making it swampy just below ground level and this can be a challenge when a building is under construction.

    The pipes are used to carry away water from the building site. It is said if you follow the pipe to one end you will arrive at a construction site and if you follow it to the other end you will end up at a canal or river. I wonder if the blue and pink have different functions. Do share if you know.

    So fascinating! They certainly add a character to the city and gets you asking questions about how it functions.


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  • Urban Journeys: Rockwell

    Someone is watching me

     ‘I always feel like, somebody’s watching me’

    COUNTRY: Mauritius

    WHEN: 2011


    Do you ever feel like you are being watched wherever you go. This tends to be the feeling in modern cities. There seems to be surveillance cameras everywhere you go, purportedly for our safety. Hmm.

    As Rockwell sang I always feel like somebody’s watching me. Interestingly, everyone automatically thinks the track is by Michael Jackson and I just found out that this is because he he did feature as guest vocals. Nothing like a bit of pop trivia to start the week! Anyway, it is a great flashback from the 80’s. Enjoy!


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  • Urban Journeys: Summer Layers


    The Layers of Summer

    WHERE: Boston

    COUNTRY: United States

    WHEN: 2009


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  • Urban Journeys: Will and Carlton

    Urban Journeys: Fresh Prince

    Fresh Prince of Bel Air

    WHERE: Shoreditch, London

    COUNTRY: United Kingdom

    WHEN: July 2014


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  • Urban Journeys: Yaba Yaba Yaba

    Molue Bus

    WHERE: Ikeja, Lagos

    COUNTRY: Nigeria

    WHEN: January 2006


    And just for laughs, I am sure the Nigerians will appreciate the ‘Owo Morney‘ video featuring Crusher by Area! I still find it funny, no matter how any times I have watched it.

    Here is another wonderful discovery I made. If you want audio that captures the experience of travelling around in Lagos on public transport In Conversation With Emeka Ogboh on Lagos, and Listening To The World In a Musical Way found on the Another Africa website. Brilliant.



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  • Urban Journeys: Yaba Post Office Boxes

    Vinatge Yaba Post Office Boxes

    Vintage Yaba Postboxes

    WHERE: Sabo, Yaba, Lagos

    COUNTRY: Nigeria

    WHEN: 2009


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  • Urban Journeys: Lagos High Street Shopping

    Urban Journeys: Lagos High Street Shopping

     Lagos High Street Shopping

    WHERE: Ikosi Road, Lagos

    COUNTRY: Nigeria

    WHEN: April 2014


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