Urban Journeys: Connected

Urban Journeys: Connected
October 20, 2014 Urbanknit
Urban Journeys



Blue and Pink Pipes

WHERE: Berlin

COUNTRY: Germany

WHEN: 2014

If you have come across the pink and blue pipes in Berlin and have been wondering what they are for there is what I found out. The groundwater level in Berlin apparently quite high making it swampy just below ground level and this can be a challenge when a building is under construction.

The pipes are used to carry away water from the building site. It is said if you follow the pipe to one end you will arrive at a construction site and if you follow it to the other end you will end up at a canal or river. I wonder if the blue and pink have different functions. Do share if you know.

So fascinating! They certainly add a character to the city and gets you asking questions about how it functions.


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