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  • Cool Tees Thursday: Chunk

    Chunk Selfie Tee in White

    Now this would be one cool selfie, don’t you think?

    This week we have a white tee from Urban Outfitters. Not quite the classic white but definitely a lot of fun.

    Designed by the brand Chunk who have an amazing collection of quirky and cool graphic tees. Check them out.


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  • Cool Tees Thursday: Comme des Garcons


    In collaboration with Comme des Garcons, the work of French artist Nicholas Buffe is featured on this week’s cool tee, The Opera Print T-shirt. It again shows where art meets fashion.

    This particular print shows the sketches of the artist for the Parisian opera. ‘How cool!’ I hear you say. Yes, that’s also what I thought. Hehe.

    Find it here on Oki-ni.

    You can also see more work by Nichola Buffe here:


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  • Cool Tees Thursday: Marni

    Art and fashion have always had a close relationship and often merge into a singular idea, object or item where it becomes impossible to separate one from the other.

    This Marni T-shirt embodies just that. It is printed with the colourful work of French artist Christophe Joubert, offering a bold take on the brand’s graphic aesthetic.

    Check it out on Oki-Ni


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  • Cool Tees Thursday- Way Back


    ‘Nuff said! For the entrepreneurs out there, the creatives, the makers, doers and bright stars, this week’s Cool Tee from Way Back is for you.

    You Can’t Knock the Hustle so keep up the hard work and persevere. It’ll all be worth it.




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  • Cool Tees Thursday: Maison Martin Margiela



    Always a fan of white, I think it is as easy to wear as black; with the added crispness and freshness in the look. So this week’s cool tee really resonates with me. I am also a huge fan of asymmetry and this is done so stylishly. Loving it!

    This deconstructed classic white T-shirt with the offset centre seam is made in Italy from heavyweight cotton and can be found on Oki-Ni.


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  • Cool tees Thursday: Ichiban Badman

    Don’t need to say much. This week’s tee speaks for itself. I burst out laughing first time I saw it. It was worn by one of the characters in the Channel 4 show ‘Youngers‘. Absolutely love it and it will definitely go into my collection.

    The ‘Badman‘ tee is from Ichiban Clothing.




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  • Cool Tees Thursday- Engram Clothing


    Sticking with the Sci-fi theme, here is a funky funky cool tee from Canadian company Engram Clothing on Etsy. Here is a Storm Trooper with swag. The Storm Trooper Smarttropper needs little explaining, its simply very cool!

    It is a unisex fit and available in a wide range of sizes.


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  • Cool Tees Thursday- Urban Outfitters


    Our cool t-shirt for today is from Urban Outfitters and it features yes, Darth Vader. Imagine turning up at a party only to find that it was DJ Vader on the decks. Ha ha. It would probably be the best fun you ever had on the dancefloor!

    I wonder if Star Wars fans will find this humorous. It would definitely put a smile on my face if someone walked past me wearing this t-shirt.

    Check out the t-shirt here: DJ Vader at Urban Outfitters



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  • Cool Tees Thursday: Fashizblack

    Today’s cool tee is one of a wide range from Fashizblack which features the Made in …. phrase and insert an African city, to complete. Being Nigerian, I have gone with the Made In Lagos version. Also because a lot of our products are made in Lagos so it seemed so very apt.

    There are other versions like Abidjan, Accra, Bamako and many more. Each time, the city name is highlighted in a fabric local to that country. Very clever, very cool.

    Check them all out here:


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  • Cool Tees Thursday: I Am Other

    Pharrell Williams can do no wrong in my eyes, haha. Check out his latest collaboration with Uniqlo which features a set of very cool tees that encourage you to be the unique person you were designed to be. The Same is Lame is a tagline that resonates with many I am sure. Check out the I Am Other manifesto below. I Am DEFINITELY Other!


    The Same is Lame


    i am OTHER
    By Pharrell Williams

    I serve and represent the OTHERS because I am one myself.

    OTHERS defy expectations and stereotypes. We are curious, ambitious, energetic and have every intention of squeezing the most out of life. Above all, we are individuals.

    OTHERS don’t fit into categories. We are not jocks. Or skaters. Or musicians. Or students. Or technologists. Or audiophiles. We want to be all of the above and then some.

    OTHERS are a diverse group of optimistic, bright minds connected by technology and a desire to make our mark, who together can advance culture and even humanity.

    OTHERS are not defined by demographics or geography. We have shared ideals, dreams and a vision for a new reality.

    OTHERS believe individuality is the new wealth. Experiences are the new assets to acquire. Whoever is the most individual wins.

    i am OTHER celebrates people who push society forward. The thinkers. The innovators. The outcasts. History has proven that it’s the rule breakers who have the power to change the world.

    Be OTHER.

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