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  • Urbanknit on Etsy

    You can check out the Urbanknit Etsy store, should it take your fancy. We have been trading on Etsy for the past 9 years and still going strong. Do check it out if you want to see our past designs or simply if you are familiar with the platform and want to do your shopping there. We have the same products and you can shop in a number of currencies over on Etsy.

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  • Do your know what today is? It’s our Etsy Anniversary!

    Yes, it is. It is our 9th year on Etsy. We opened our Etsy store on the 20th of June 2006 and had our first sale on the 3rd of July just two weeks after.

    So here is a little celebratory song from Toni Tony Tone!


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  • Christmas Trend: Textured Textiles

    This is pretty cool, our Chunky Alpaca cowl is featured in the Etsy trend list. Yay. Go and check it out.

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  • Brown and Mustard Yellow Handmade Finds

    Brown and Mustard Yellow


    Always a great color combination for the autumn without resorting to boring dark colours. Your colours don’t have to get dull just because it is Autumn/Fall. Brighten up the grey! At home or on the move add colour to your day.

    To have a closer look at the handmade pieces in the collection have a look on Etsy


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  • Cool Tees Thursday- Engram Clothing


    Sticking with the Sci-fi theme, here is a funky funky cool tee from Canadian company Engram Clothing on Etsy. Here is a Storm Trooper with swag. The Storm Trooper Smarttropper needs little explaining, its simply very cool!

    It is a unisex fit and available in a wide range of sizes.


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  • African Fabric for Sale

    You can get a range of unique Ankara (African wax print) and Adire (hand-dyed, handmade tie dye) fabric shipped right to your door!


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  • Urbanknit on Etsy Anniversary

    Its our Etsy anniversary today! We opened our Urbanknit Etsy store on the 20th of June, 2006. That is 8 years and over 400 sales ago.

    I would live to say a huge massive thank you to all out Etsy customers, some of whom have stayed with us over the years and to our fellow Etsy designers, artists, creatives, sellers. They have been wonderful with sharing tips, advice, collaborations and moral support.

    Much love to the handmade creative community that continues to grow and thrive! Looking forward to marking 10 years on Etsy!


    As part of our birthday month, we are also running a huge sale in our Etsy shop. Just enter SUMMER8 at checkout for 40% off your entire order.

    Do you already shop on Etsy store? If not, follow this link and get £5 off your first order! www.//

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  • Cool Tees Thursday: Crawlspace Studios

    Umbrella and Rain Packaging Tee

    Umbrella and Rain Packaging Tee


    Here is to all the people in the UK that have been battered by the winds and storms. Praying it gets better very soon.

    Our cool tee today Umbrella and Rain Packaging features a cool and simple graphic in a soft lovely grey. It comes from Crawlspace Studios another fab Etsy store.

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  • Cool Tees Thursday: Clockwork Gears

    Videogame tshirt


    Yes, I am that geeky that a pixelated image puts a smile on my face because I remember Super Mario Bros, Gum Shoe and the like. This was before everything became HD and required a degree to understand. Of course there are the classics like Pacman and Tetris which you just can’t beat!

    Clockwork Gear’s cool tee pays homage to just that. The Videogame t-shirt is just perfect!

    Check out their Etsy Store:

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  • Fabulous Find: Colour Your Life

    Colour Your Life by Yumalum


    Couldn’t say it better myself. Check out Yumalum’s Etsy Store for funky posters and prints. Fresh, bright and definitely yummy!