The Afro Jubilee Shopper Tote

The Afro Jubilee Shopper Tote
June 1, 2012 Urbanknit

This summer marks 60 years of The Queen’s reign in the United Kingdom and beyond. As the Diamond Jubilee celebrations kick off this weekend, we thought we’d give an African twist to the Jubilee celebrations and here it is.

The Jubilee shopper is made using ‘Aso-oke’ which is a loom-woven textile from Nigeria in West Africa. It is hand woven and the finished strips are usually sewn together to make clothing. The textile is worn during special occasions like weddings, festivals, coronations and so on making it just the perfect material to use!

This large shopper is roomy and perfect for a day out in the park as it’ll fit your blanket and everything else. It would also make a great alternative to plastic bags for your grocery shopping.

Check it out here


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  1. Sola Fatoba 10 years ago

    Fantastic! I love it!!!! It didn’t even look like aso-oke till I looked hard enough.

  2. Author
    Urbanknit 10 years ago

    @ Sola, thank you.

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