The Eco-friendly Tommy Tote

The Eco-friendly Tommy Tote
August 11, 2014 Urbanknit
Wine and Gold Tommy Tote

Whether your are going to the supermarket or the beach, the Tommy tote is a pretty and practical accessory for you. Here is why. It is a spacious bag with a width of  about 50cm (20 inches) and a height of just over 30cm (12 inches). You can fit in your weekly shopping or your beach towel and bottles of sunscreen (whichever you may be lucky enough to be doing).

The beauty of the tote is how easily it folds to a manageable size when not in use. Check it out below. A couple of steps and presto. A tiny little square (6 inches) which means you can tuck it into your handbag on the way to the supermarket or in a drawer when you get home. You’d not need to use plastic bags again!


Urbanknit Tommy Tote

The Tommy totes are made out of Aso-oke which is a thick durable textile. They are also colourful and bright so you can be eco-friendly in a stylish way! Win-win!

Do check out the range available here: https://www.urbanknit.com/?s=tommy+tote&post_type=product



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