Pop Cushions- Interior Styling ideas

Pop Cushions- Interior Styling ideas
September 10, 2014 Urbanknit
Urbanknit Zebra Cushions

Why settle for a boring interior. Add pops of primary colours to your living space!! You can do it quite simply by sticking to a few colours. Black and white can act as a base with red and yellow as hints to add the required POP!

Mondrian was certainly onto something.

Urbanknit pop cushions



Starting from the top left in a clockwise direction.

1. Zebra Pop Cusions by Urbanknit- £35

2. Muuto Red Unfold Pendant Light by abchomes- £110

3. Zuo Big Wave Folding Round Table by Blue Fly- £135

4. Inmod Signature Bastille Cafe Stacking Chair by Blue Fly- £125

5. Agnes Vase by Normann Copenhagen– £80



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