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  • Just in! Tropic Swim Mini Snap Clutch- A colourful clutch bag

    We love the Tropic Swim print fabric so much, we’ve now got it as Mini Snap Clutch. This colourful clutch bag comes with a strap that can be concealed in the body of the bag to alter your look. So you can wear it cross-body style of just held in your hand as a regular clutch bag.

    A gorgeous African print clutch which will make a funky addition to a tee and jeans. You could also switch up your evening look by rocking this with your LBD!

    The Tropic Swim Mini Snap clutch is already a favourite in our Pinterest Snap Clutch collection.

    Colourful Clutch BagTropic Swim Mini Snap Clutch


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  • Bubblegum Pink Scarf

    Someone just asked, is that a bubblegum pink scarf and I had a light-bulb moment. YES! That is exactly the shade of pink it is. Thank you!


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  • The Urbanknit Alpaca Cowl

    There are cowls and snoods everywhere you look, with everyone trying to stay warm and snug in this cold cold weather.

    We decided to make a version for those that want something extra soft with added touch of luxury.

    Alpaca Cowl Midnight Blue Alpaca Cowl Alpaca Cowl

    This extra chunky cowl is hand-knitted from a yarn that is a blend of Alpaca and wool. This makes it extra soft and warm.

    It comes in two versions, the Midnight Blue and the Camel Cream.

    Let me know what you think!


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  • Free Gift-wrapping

    Are you shopping for gifts? Don’t have the time to wrap your purchases? Want them to go directly to the gift recipient? If you answered yes then we are here to help.

    During the festive period we are offering free gift wrapping on any orders. Just indicate at check out by leaving us a note and that’s it!



  • Just in! Urbanknit Cushions


    Introducing our brand new range of House and Home products.

    There is nothing like snuggling up with some soft cuddly cushions with a good book or whilst watching TV or catching up with friends and family.

    Blue green batik cushion

    Well brand new and in store for you, we have these giant batik and Aso-oke cushions.

    They work beautifully on their own as the fabric used is quite distinct, each cushion also has a piped edge detail. They also work great as pairs.

    Brown and Orange Batik Cushions

    Let us know what you think!

    Check out the full range at Urbanknit’s House and Home


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  • Strawberry Pico Pouch

    The Pico Pouches are back and today we feature another Aso-oke pouch. The Strawberry Pico Pouch is made in Alaari aso-oke which was originally a magenta-coloured version of the fabric but now refers to any version with reddish or maroon tones. Aso-oke has a texture that similar to denim and can therefore be very durable.

    The Pico pouch is a little snap purse that would be great for coins, lip gloss and your little bits and pieces that you want to keep safe but stylish at the same time.


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  • Press: Vogue Knitting Magazine- Fall 2012

    Our Cream and red super snap clutch and Blue shell zipper pouch feature in the Early Fall edition of Vogue Knitting Magazine International 2012.

    We got all excited when we got our copy in the post. Turn to Page 9 and presto!

    Our love for print is unending.

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  • Item of the week- Blue Patchwork Super Snap Clutch

    We LOVE to experiment and here is the latest thing out of the lab. Crazy print patchwork in the recognisable Super snap style. What do you think of our Blue Patchwork Super snap clutch?


    Blue Patchwork ClutchBlue Patchwork ClutchBlue Patchwork Clutch

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  • Cowl or Snood? What do you call it?

    Snood, cowl, neckwarmer, infinity scarf, tube scarf. This accessory is known by so many names. The most common seem to be cowl or snood.

    The Urbanknit cowl or snood is a continuous tubular scarf that is pulled over the head and sits on the neck and shoulders to keep you warm. It is stretchy so it is worn very easily and can sit above your coat or under it.

    Forest Green Cowl

    It makes a great alternative to a long scarf, which could get in the way or fall off altogether. For example, it is great if you cycle as it is completely hands-free.

    Brown wool snood

     Our signature cowl is unisex and made out of  chunky 100% merino wool in a loose knit style. It is available in many bright and bold colours as well as some dark and neutral colours. So you will always find something that suits your style. We also have some striped versions for the more adventurous dresser. Each and every one is hand knitted so made by human hands!

    Are there any colours in particular you would like to see?

    As we say goodbye to the summer and welcome cooler weather, we have introduced limited edition Alpaca versions for an even more luxurious feel. We also have a collection of Ankara Snoods which incorporate bright Ankara prints. What better way to keep warm whilst looking funky!



    Red Ankara Snood

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  • The A to Z Initiative- Recylce for charity

    The A to Z initiative started just over a year ago and we are pushing for even more support this year.

    In Nigeria, the tradition for special occasions is that friends and family often wear attire that is of the same fabric as the celebrant’s. This is called ‘Aso-ebi‘. It is a way of showing solidarity, support, oneness. It used to be that people would say ‘Please wear Alaari to my daughter’s wedding’ for example. (Alaari is a type of Aso-oke, a hand-woven fabric which often ranges between deep red and magenta in colour). So if you had one like it, which you probably would, you’d just wear it.

    In more recent times people often buy brand new fabric or have a large quantity custom-made and sent out to friends and family to have made into their own individual outfits. So on the day, there is an array of dresses, tops, blouses, shirts and what not all in the same fabric. It makes for very interesting viewing!

    After my long ramble I get to the point! A lot of people end up with a lot of Aso-ebi that they no longer wear and as a way of doing a little bit to help, I have taken donations of such fabric. These will be used to make part of or an entire new accessory.



    The A to Z is an Urbanknit initiative which will donate proceeds from sales of bags, totes, clutches made from these upcycled, repurposed, recycled fabrics to assist orphanages and local schools in Lagos State, Nigeria.  Our own way of making a (creative) contribution. Every product that is part of the initiative will have the orange label. The full range available can be found with the A to Z Initiative tag.

    We will have periodic updates as to what we are able to accomplish with our contributions. We would love to know what you think!


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