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  • Just In: The Funky Zebra

    Perhaps it is the architect in me that references Piet Mondrian. I am not claiming to be an artistic genius mind you, but I really do love the boldness of simplicity, stripes and block colours. Sometimes though, we have to add that extra dash of colour.

    Composition No 10, Piet Mondrian

    Composition No 10, Piet Mondrian

    So check out our latest cushions or throw pillows as they seem to be called across the Atlantic. The Zebra Pop Cushions are made in Aso-oke our beloved woven textile from Southern Nigeria.


    Zebra Pop Aso-oke Cushions

    Zebra Pop Aso-oke Cushions


    I am often asked which is my favourite Urbanknit bag or scarf and I always think that is like asking which is my favourite child! Still, this collection I LOVE.

    We have one cushion with a Yellow Stripe and one with a Red Stripe. So the question is this should I go ‘fully Mondrian’ and add one with a blue stripe to the collection? What do you think?

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  • Small Business Saturday

    It is Small Business Saturday today and to thank you for your continuous support of this small business we are offering 25% off all orders this weekend. This offer ends at midnight on Monday.

    Just enter BLACKFRIDAY13 at checkout. Remember we ship worldwide!

    Happy Shopping!

    Do get in touch if you have any questions.

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  • Item of the Week: Chocolate Brown Wool Snood

    Brown is one of those colours that you might not get too excited if given a choice BUT just like black, I think it goes with everything. (Except maybe fuchsia pink).

    Think about it, creams, navy blue, dark green. A great alternative to the usual black. So for this winter we have introduced a Dark Brown Snood. The snood has got to be the most popular winter accessory for 3 years running. This one is in our signature chunky knit in the XL style. Hand knitted as usual. If brown is not for you, then check out our other colour options black, forest green, mustard yellow, purple, dark tealBrown wool snood Brown wool snood

    This would also make a great gift for men, one size fits all so need to worry about sizing. What’s your favourite winter accessory?

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  • Looking for a Beach Bag? Check out Urbanknit Tommy Totes

    Yes! Summer has officially arrived and here in London it actually feels like it! It was officially the hottest day of the year yesterday and it was glorious.

    • Towel
    • Suntan lotion
    • Sunglasses
    • Flip-flops
    • Swimsuit
    • Food
    • Book to read
    • iPod

    Answered check! to everything on the list? Now where do you put it all? 

    We have got the perfect solution in our large and funky Tommy Tote. Its is large and will fit everything you need for a day out at the beach, a picnic in the park or a music festival with friends. Measuring 50 cm across (20inches) and 33cm high (13 inches) this is a super-sized tote. It also has internal pockets so smaller items won’t go astray.

    Berry Stripe Tommy Tote

    It also works perfect for grocery shopping so you don’t have to use those plastic bags (you know the ones you have no use for once you are home that just live permanently under the kitchen sink).

    The Tommy totes are made from a thick woven fabric known as Aso-oke which is similar in texture to denim.

    Durable, roomy, funky, eco-friendly, what more could you ask for!

    Jubilee tote2

    Check out more totes here: https://www.urbanknit.com/product-category/bags/totes/



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  • Just In: Indigo Citrus Batik Blazer

    Brand new for you this new month is our new batik blazer. If you liked the blue Indigo version, you’ll like this one too. The Indigo Citrus blazer comes in the same cut but with a re-edit of the batik fabric. For those that want an added splash of colour to the palette, this one features hints of orange and green.

    Available in the sizes: UK 8, 10, 12 and 14

    Let us know what you think.

    Have a great week ahead and here’s to a great July!

  • Butterflies

    Come fly with me….

    There are a number of theories as to the origin of the word Butterfly.

    Some say it comes from the term ‘butter-coloured fly’.  Others suggest that the Old English word was spelt ‘butterfloege’ and in Old Dutch and German it was ‘botervleig’ and ‘butterfliege’ respectively. These terms all translate as ‘butter fly’. Some say its actually ‘flutter by’ just jumbled up whilst others say that these beautiful creatures stole butter and flew away! 

    In Spain and Latin America they are called Mariposas. In Portugal they are Borbolettas (my personal favourite by the way). In France they are Papillons. In Russia they are Babochka and in Nigeria as a kid we called them Labalaba!

    Their scientific names are even more fascinating. I guess you can guess I am fascinated but butterflies as are a lot of people as is evidence in their popping up pretty much everywhere. Logos, kids colouring books, fashion and so on.

    With spring in the air we hope to see them in a our daily travels.

    Our Urbanknit homage to butterflies come in the form of this African Butterfly print making up a zipper pouch set. Great as a gift as a single zipper pouch or in sets of twos and fours.

    Check them out here: https://www.urbanknit.com/shop/african-butterfly-print-zipper-pouch-set/





  • Just In: Blue Wheels Ankara iPad Case

    Happy May Day! Did you get a day off work?

    Well even if you are at work, check out our new versions of the Ankara iPad case. This one is bright blue and yellow, great for guy or gal!

    Do you own a tablet? How do you store it when you are on the move?

    Well we think this is a good alternative to the regular old case.  A snug hug for your iPad


  • Urban Knit Blazer in Indigo Batik- How to wear it


    Urban Knit Blazer


    African print jackets are a great way to add that special touch to casual or simple outfit.

    Over on Polyvore, I have started putting together ‘looks’ to show ways you can rock your Urbanknit swag. Starting with the Indigo Batik Blazer which is a 3/4 sleeved cropped jacket. What better than mixing blue, white and red?

    Makes a simple yet crisp look because of the contrast of the colours. What do you think? How would you wear yours?

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  • Bee Bags- The Colourful African Tote Bag

    The Bee Bag is a colourful African tote bag that is great for buzzing around; shopping, going to the park, books and magazines anything really.

    The straps make it a comfortable tote to carry on the shoulder. The Bee bag comes in a variety of Ankara (African Wax Print) and Adire (African tie dye fabric). Some also incorporate elements of Aso-oke fabric.

    Find more Bee Bags here: www.urbanknit.com/product-category/bags/totes/

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  • Just In: Etu Aso-oke Cushions

    Even though I made these myself, I have fallen completely in love with them. Made out of a modern take on Etu Aso-oke, with hints of an Alaari (magenta) and Sanya (beige) stripe.

    The dark blue of the cushions makes them versatile and as the line pattern on each side differs, they work beautifully in parts or as a whole set!