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  • Pop Cushions- Interior Styling ideas

    Why settle for a boring interior. Add pops of primary colours to your living space!! You can do it quite simply by sticking to a few colours. Black and white can act as a base with red and yellow as hints to add the required POP!

    Mondrian was certainly onto something.

    Urbanknit pop cushions



    Starting from the top left in a clockwise direction.

    1. Zebra Pop Cusions by Urbanknit- £35

    2. Muuto Red Unfold Pendant Light by abchomes- £110

    3. Zuo Big Wave Folding Round Table by Blue Fly- £135

    4. Inmod Signature Bastille Cafe Stacking Chair by Blue Fly- £125

    5. Agnes Vase by Normann Copenhagen– £80



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  • The Eco-friendly Tommy Tote

    Whether your are going to the supermarket or the beach, the Tommy tote is a pretty and practical accessory for you. Here is why. It is a spacious bag with a width of  about 50cm (20 inches) and a height of just over 30cm (12 inches). You can fit in your weekly shopping or your beach towel and bottles of sunscreen (whichever you may be lucky enough to be doing).

    The beauty of the tote is how easily it folds to a manageable size when not in use. Check it out below. A couple of steps and presto. A tiny little square (6 inches) which means you can tuck it into your handbag on the way to the supermarket or in a drawer when you get home. You’d not need to use plastic bags again!


    Urbanknit Tommy Tote

    The Tommy totes are made out of Aso-oke which is a thick durable textile. They are also colourful and bright so you can be eco-friendly in a stylish way! Win-win!

    Do check out the range available here: https://www.urbanknit.com/?s=tommy+tote&post_type=product



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  • Pink Cushions- The A to Z Initiative

    It has been a while since we spoke about our A to Z initiative. This does not mean we have not been working on it! If you have not heard about it before The A to Z is an Urbanknit initiative which will donate proceeds from sales of bags, totes, cushions, clutches made from upcycled, repurposed, recycled fabrics to assist charities and local schools in Nigeria (which is where the fabric is currently from).  Our own way of making a (creative) contribution. Every product that is part of the initiative will have an orange label to identify it as being that extra special. The full range available can be found with the A to Z Initiative tag.


    Pink Aso Oke Cushions


    We have a set of newly listed Pink Cushions Aso-Oke cushions in our Etsy store which are all part of the initiative. So if you are looking for large, bold, pink cushions then please consider these. Its a win win situation! You can order it with or without the cushion pad.

    1. Pink Zebra Cushion– £15

    2. Pink and Silver Cushion– £15

    3. Pink and Yellow Cushion– £25

    4. Pink and Black Cushion– £15

    As the pink ribbon is an international symbol of breast cancer awareness, sales from these pink cushions will go to the Breast Cancer Association of Nigeria.

    Please read more about the A to Z Initiative here.

    As usual, we’d love to hear what you think.



  • How to wear it: Ankara Peplum Top

    This is just one way to rock our Diamond Ankara peplum top. Pair your top with fitted jeans and some patent heels. You can accessorise with bold yet simple jewellery and a block colour Aso-oke clutch. Finally, bright red lips and a nice kimono-style wrap and you are ready for date night or for drinks out on a Friday night!



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  • How to rock an Ankara Peplum top

    Ankara Peplum Top


    The Oxford dictionary definition of a peplum is ‘A short gathered or pleated strip of fabric attached at the waist of a woman’s jacket, dress, or blouse to create a hanging frill or flounce’.

    It originates from the Greek word for tunic which is Peplos. The particular reference for the modern day take on the peplum though refers to an ‘overskirt’ that was worn over jackets.

    Whatever the case, this modern addition to tops, dresses, skirts and jackets is flattering to all shapes and sizes.

    The beauty and perhaps success of the peplum tops and dresses and so on is that the peplum shape accentuates the waist and gives the figure a more curvaceous, feminine look.

    Well we have our own take in the form of the Ankara peplum top in a bold African wax print. Available in UK Size 8 to UK Size 16.

    Available here: www.urbanknit.com/shop/ankara-print-peplum-top


    Ankara Print Peplum Top



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  • Just In: Indigo Red Batik Supersnap Clutch

    This is an oldie revisited. The popular Indigo Red supersnap is making a reappearance due to popular demand. It is embellished with bright red buttons and lined internally with bright red cotton fabric.

    Indigo and red make such a great combination.

    Definitely a statement piece. Dress up your summer dress or add some colour to your jeans and t-shirt look! I

    Indigo Red Batik Clutch


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  • Just In: Red, Black and Gold Aso Oke Tommy Tote- African Beach Bag

    A couple of years ago we started the A to Z Initiative where we upcycle fabric into new products. The idea is to make use of fabric that is still in good condition in products in the Urbanknit store. We then donate part of the proceeds from the sale of these items to particular charities that are close to our hearts. Red and Black Aso Oke Tommy Tote

    For this particular tote, the Aso-oke fabric for the outer fabric as well as the Ankara lining where both donated. Thank you Laitan and Mrs S! The Tommy tote makes a great beach bag and also serves as a great alternative to plastic bags when you go grocery shipping at the supermarket. It also makes a great weekend bag.

    The Tommy tote is roomy and comfortable to carry due to the wide straps. It also has 3 large inner pockets to store smaller items for easier retrieval.


    Red and Black Aso Oke Tommy Tote


    You can check out the Red Tommy Tote here: www.urbanknit.com/shop/red-black-tommy-tote/

    You can also have a look at other products that are part of the initiative here: The A to Z Initiative Thanks for browsing! Looking forward to those orders!

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  • Just In: Navy Blue, Turquoise and Beige Aso Oke Cushions

    To add to our growing House and Home section, we have a new set of Aso Oke Cushions. These cushions are in an unusual colour palette of Turquoise, Navy Blue and Beige. A close-up look will reveal that the Aso-oke is the perforated style which adds a beautiful touch of the old to the modern take on the traditional fabric.

    Navy Blue and Turquoise Aso-Oke Cushion- A pair

    Pop one on your favourite arm chair or get a pair or two and inject a new bright colour palette into you living space. These work beautifully in pairs as you can play around with the direction of the stripes on each cushion. The line pattern on each side of the pillow differs. One side is symmetrical and the other side isn’t giving you added versatility.


    Navy Blue and Turquoise Aso-Oke Cushion


     Aso Oke is fairly thick and thus a very durable fabric. Can’t really go wrong! I am not supposed to have favourites but I am afraid I have to confess to absolutely LOVING these. The Aso-oke is a gorgeous texture and the colours work so beautifully together.

    Check them out here: www.urbanknit.com/shop/navy-blue-turquoise-aso-oke-cushion/

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  • The Snap Clutches

    So by now I am sure you are familiar with our Snap clutches at Urbanknit. Not everyone knows the basic difference between the different names and here it is! Very simple really. They are named based on the sizes.

    We have the Minisnap, the Supersnap and the Megasnap in order of size as in the image below.




    Some people like to keep it minimal and travel light, others like to pack everything but the kitchen sink! Well, we have something for everyone. The Megasnap can even fit a small collapsible umbrella! Told ya.

    How do you roll? The essentials or all bases covered? Are you Mini, Super or Mega?



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