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  • No more plastic bags- get a Tommy tote

    From today the 5th of October, 2015, you will have to pay 5p for the use of a plastic bag to put your shopping in within the UK. This new law applies to all shops and stores with more than 250 employees. Apparently, over 7 billion plastic bags a year are handed out in stores across the UK.

    Plastic bags are not biodegradable and alarmingly can take up to a 1000 years to break down. Yes, that does sound bad. This new charge is the government’s bid to reduce its usage and the negative effects it has on the environment and wildlife.

    Wine and Gold Tommy Tote

    So quite simply, we think you should get yourself a handy and fun Tommy tote! Yes you can be eco-friendly and stylish at the same time. This multi-purpose bag is spacious, durable and folds into a neat little rectangle for storage. Even apart from the fact that this will save you money and looks cool, it is also much more comfortable to carry on the shoulder due to its wide straps. Where you would have had 3 or 4 shopping bags, you now only have to carry one.

    It also doubles up as a beach bag, a weekend bag or anything you want it to be really! It is handmade from a thick woven textile from Nigeria known as Aso-oke. Check out our collection here: www.urbanknit.com/tommy+tote and see which colour combination best suits your personality. You too can say no more plastic bags!


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  • Urbanknit on Etsy

    You can check out the Urbanknit Etsy store, should it take your fancy. We have been trading on Etsy for the past 9 years and still going strong. Do check it out if you want to see our past designs or simply if you are familiar with the platform and want to do your shopping there. We have the same products and you can shop in a number of currencies over on Etsy.

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  • Just In: Etu Aso-oke Minisnap clutches

    The Etu Minisnap Aso-oke clutch was so popular we decide to bring it back. This Aso-oke fabric is a true vintage and I am told it well over 50 years old at the very least. Probably closer to a century! Personally, I think blue is the new black. It still easily complements other colours without being as predictable as black.

    Etu Mini Snap Clutch

    In addition to that, I have introduced the Etu and Lace which is a variation of this mini blue clutch purse. This newer version is in a slightly lighter shade of blue (an even rarer type of the Etu fabric). It also incorporates a hint of Guipure lace for that added touch of elegance. I think it would make a great purse for a wedding or for a cocktail party.

    A converation started- if you are all dressed up and can’t think of how to make the conversation flow with your fellow party goes, tell them about how your purse is probably over a 100 years old!

    Clutch purse

    What do you think? Is your flavour more stark and simple, or a little more playful with the lace? Lets know your thoughts.

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  • How to Rock It: Black Print Clutch

    A simple and still striking look for a dinner date or cocktail party. A beautiful embroidered calf length dress accessorised with a black print clutch and simple drop earrings.

    Dress: ERDEM Shirlette embroidered dress
    Bag: URBANKNIT Black print clutch
    Shoes: CARVELA Kurt Geiger Kaci Shoes
    Earrings: Kenneth Jay Lane Teardrop Earrings

    Check out more How to Rock it ideas

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  • Just in: Vintage and Gold Aso-oke Clutch

    I created the Megasnap clutch to be a huge statement piece. That one accessory that will always be a talking point no matter what you wear. Whether it is to finish off your formal outfit or LBD or to add glamour to a casual ensemble, this is definitely the piece for you.

    It is made in a Nigerian fabric known as ‘Aso-oke’ which is a loom woven textile similar in texture and weight to denim or canvas. This particular version is an old-school vintage which is partly woven with lurex which incorporates a glittering metallic gold thread. This version is also quite special as the style is perforated and beyond the visible perforations is a layer of deep aubergine satin fabric. Satin, Aso-oke, Cotton; many layers one clutch!


    Aso oke clutch Aso oke clutch

    It is lined internally with a green and black Ankara print cotton fabric for that little bit of extra fun. It has several layers of padding to give it stability and to protect its contents. It is quite spacious and will fit a phone, money, keys, make-up, camera and a lot more. It has a handy strap making it easy to carry and has a small internal pocket.

    Check it out here: www.urbanknit.com/shop/vintage-and-gold-aso-oke-megasnap-clutch/

    Aso oke clutch


    Aso oke clutch

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  • How to rock it: Print on print

    Here is one way to rock the print on print look. Well this look is actually the print on print ON PRINT look if you know what I mean! Its a bold one and not for the faint hearted at all.

    The way I look at it is that you can’t go wrong in whatever approach you choose. Simply add layer after layer of print till you are satisfied. This particular version involves a mix of pastel colours and is accessorised with our Golden Cloves Supersnap Clutch. It makes a pretty bold statement so you can keep your other items, like jewellery and shoes, quite simple. Something like a single block colour coat or jacket would easily tie the look together.

    What do you think? Would you?


    The print on print trend


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  • Economy of Style: Global Flair

    Came across this great look put together on the blog Economy of Style. Love the idea of creating great outfits for the upcoming Spring and Summer which infuse elements of different cultures hence the idea for the Global Flair collection. The collection includes our Adire Peplum Top and we are very honoured. Woohoo! Visit Economy of Style and show some love!


     Global fashion


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  • Countdown Spring Sale

    Urbanknit Spring Sale


    We are having a countdown spring sale starting from today with up to 50% off your entire order.

    Just enter SPRINGSALE15 at checkout.


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  • #urbanknitlovesyou Rita

    Yes we really do love our loyal customers. After purchasing the Olympic Bee Bag from our Etsy store, a lovely customer of ours came back with a request for three more Aso-oke totes. This time she wanted 3 different colour combinations and I was very much up for the challenge of finding these Aso-oke strips in these rich colours and seeing how they would work together.

    The requirement was for the following:

    1. Various shades of blue

    2. Orange, burgundy and purple

    3. Black, cranberry red and olive green ( we had to substitute the olive for forest green)



    The three totes were gifts and the feedback has been great from gift-giver and recipients.

    [quote]…. I wanted to personally thank you for the BEAUTIFUL job you did on the 3 custom totes. Each one is beautiful, I trusted you and you did not disappoint me. The blue tote was for my mom, the burgundy/black one for my sis and the orange/burgundy for my niece in college. They love the totes and my mom is out of control, she’s carried hers as a purse! I want to say many thanks for the wonderful work you do on everything in your shop. Take care until next time. [/quote]

    Thank you Rita for taking a chance, very happy that they were well received!


  • New Stockist: Blackbird Vintage in Leeds

    I recently wrote about Blackbird Vintage store in Leeds in our Independent shops section and I am very excited that they now stock a selection of Supersnap clutches!

    So if you are in that neck of the woods, do stop buy and pay them a visit. I am yet to visit but their store looks like a veritable treasure trove of design beauties!



    ADDRESS: 7 Stainburn Parade, Leeds

    TELEPHONE: 07949 115695

    OPENING TIMES: 10AM to 6.30PM

    WEBSITE: www.blackbird-vintage.co.uk

    FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/blackbirdvintageleeds


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